Rumors State that More Lines of iPad Minis May be Coming

Sara Cunningham July 19, 2013 0

iPad-related rumors are spreading on the web in a blink of an eye and what’s more – they’re in great numbers. This company is expected to upgrade its smartphone and tablet lineup sometime this year. Several sources close to the company are claiming that this fall will be the perfect period of time for releasing new products. Yesterday, we saw a report that Apple was working on ad-skipping tech for upgrading its TV-set-box. This time, Digitimes has come up with a report with probable spec configuration for the new Apple iPad Mini.

NPD DisplaySearch and Citi Research had similar reports last month but we declared them as rumors without giving them further importance. It’s interesting that Digitimes now brought up similar rumor related to this iPad Mini. We can already expect for sure that Apple will make it thinner and lighter which is impressive and if you see that the present iPad Mini weighs 308 grams and it’s 0.29-inches thick you will find this information pretty amazing.


According to these rumors, the next iPad Mini (possible iPad Mini 2) will have the same display resolution of 1024 x 768 like its predecessor but will include Apple’s faster A6 processor. The most rumored addition was the display tech that Apple uses, called Retina. Some sources were claiming that the iPad Mini won’t include the Retina because Apple will have a difficulty to make it thinner than the previous one. The reason which was broad up had something to do about with the battery. Digitimes has included itself in these talks saying that Retina display tech won’t appear at this model and Apple will live it for 2014.

We can’t exclude the option Apple to reveal its iPad Mini 2 without Retina Display in order to improve its lineup bringing iPad Mini 2 with Retina shortly after that. This was reported by an analyst who claimed that the main reason for this delay will be the supply chain which can be really slow sometimes. Digitimes mentioned that Apple might introduce this iPad Mini 2 with “bezel-free look”. It’s not clear yet if this company meant to say that Apple plans to completely redesign its mini tablet. If it means that Apple has those plans, users won’t mind if it arrives little bit later than everybody expected.

One thing is for sure: We will have really interesting fall this year.

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