iPad Mini Retina Coming this Year After All

Jasmina Lozevska July 20, 2013 0
iPad Mini Retina Coming this Year After All

Ever since the rumor mill mentioned that possible iPad Mini with Retina display is coming, Apple fans started to raise their hopes pretty high. We saw numerous speculations saying that we won’t see Retina iPad Mini this year because of a delay. This was reported by many analysts who claimed that they are very close to this situation and this iPad Mini with Retina display release will take place in 2014.

According to a report coming from Asia, LG Display is making a great progress on the panel which will be used on the next-gen iPad Mini. This means that a delay won’t be expected to happen as many rumors were suggesting. Digitimes claims that this report is coming from unnamed industry sources. The report says that this will allow Apple to release its iPad Mini 2 Retina in expected October date.

This contradicts every analyst opinion so far and sounds really confusing. Analysts and their sources have been claiming that Retina Mini will be delayed until 2014 and that was the final thought until now. We saw another Digitimes report earlier saying that Apple hasn’t decided if they are going to Retina for its iPad Mini because of these previously mentioned supply issues. You can’t conclude which source is reliable and giving us the right information. Apple has been declining to comment on these iPad Mini Retina-based rumors.


NPD DS and Citi Research have been the loudest among others to say that this the launch date of this device will be delayed until next year. However, they have said that iPad Mini 2 without Retina will be released until October. We must keep on mind that the display supply chain is bigger and better this time. Things are changing pretty fast and what seemed to be impossible last month might be a case right in the next month.

We expect a lighter and thinner device to come out this year and LG Display is said that will need to ship one or two million display panels in the third quarter for this model. This number is huge but for a company like LG this should be a piece of cake. Sharp Display has been mentioned couple of times that will be one of the suppliers for iPad Mini panels but no further details for this.

Do you thing that Apple will release iPad Mini with Retina display or it will save it for later? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below, we would be glad if you have one.

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