Chinese Woman Dies Because Of Fake iPhone Charger

Sara Cunningham July 20, 2013 0

Unfortunately, these things happen when someone wants to make a fortune of selling fake stuff. Last week we witnessed a sudden death of a Chinese woman after answering a call while her iPhone 4 was charging. People were voicing discontent and sending lots of bad words to Apple’s address but the investigation proved something else. Apple has sent condolences and said that it will be working actively with the authorities to investigate this case.

The latest results from the ongoing investigation are saying that Ma Ailun, the 23-year old Chinese woman who died, was using a fake USB charger instead of one coming directly from Apple. This was reported by Xiang Ligang, a phone expert, who gave its interview for CCTV few days ago. He added that this charger had few safety measures included into its hardware and has failed to give safe usage.

It was believed that this incident has involved the latest iPhone 5 by Apple but the investigation proved that iPhone 4, that was released 3 years ago, was in question. This isn’t the first time that we heard a third-party charger caused problems. They are very common for electronics and come pretty cheap when compared to the originals. However, sometimes these types of electronic pieces are made to look similar to the real thing and are selling for the real price. Customers can’t tell if they are real or fake and suffer consequences. Even the thought of dying from a charger is scary and I don’t know how people who are creating these fake chargers and are known with the consequences are still selling them.


Last year, we heard a report from Ken Shirriff who tested many fake and real US chargers and reported that there are wide gaps in safety and quality in those devices. Of course, even if you are perfect technician you won’t be able to make a device like the original. Few months earlier we saw UL, Science Company, warning the retailers and consumers for these fake Apple USB chargers who are occupying the world.

Be aware of these fake chargers. Sometimes it’s better to spend few bucks extra to purchase the original electronic piece than risk your life with buying cheap parts. We are going to keep a close eye to this investigation to see what will be the final result.

Have you bought and used fake charger or you prefer original all the time? – Let us know what you think of this.

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