iOS 2.0 Brings you Google Maps Offline

Wayne Bond July 21, 2013 0
iOS 2.0 Brings you Google Maps Offline

Google decided to upgrade its Maps app for iOS and it was officially launched two days ago. This company has launched Google Maps 2.0 including few better features and iPad support. This came just a week after Google has revamped its application for Android. I assume most of you have already downloaded and are using it.

Like I’ve said earlier, this 2.0 version have support for the iPads as well as softer colors and cleaner design. Google has improved its navigational features, incident reports and traffic updates. You can now enjoy into the explore function that is designed to help you browse faster and discover many great destinations.

Google made the app look very good and iOS users are so content after Apple decided to include Google Maps into its App Store. One other feature which has been added to the map and is not that obvious like the other ones, is the ability to cache a part of a map for a later offline use. The process is simple as the Android’s version and it requires from you to type that key phrase “Ok maps” in your search bar. This comes very useful if you are planning to go on a destination that has low reception and you are unable to use the Internet.


Right after you enter this phrase, which became very popular after Google Glass was revealed, and tap on the search bar you will notice Google Maps icon showed up on the screen. After this icon loses its transparency, keep an eye of the screen bottom to notice that this area has been saved for a later use. If you want to cache an area that is bigger than it’s used to be, the message will tell you to zoom in and make this area smaller. If you want to save a bigger area you need to zoom in, save this location, move the map to the adjacent area, save that location and repeat this process until you save everything you need.

For accessing these saved maps for offline use, you need to go to the location you’ve saved manually. Google didn’t include a feature that will let you jump straight to your cached location or locations.

The most notable feature was the iPad support and everybody felt gratified for this forgetting something more useful. I’m not saying that using Google Maps on a device with larger touch screen isn’t a great addition but offline use of a map is something that needs to be upgraded in some future updates. I’m sure that many people will thank Google for that one.

Do you think that Google did a good job with this new Google Maps 2.0 or you want to see something else?

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