A Smartpen that Checks Your Spelling As You Use it

Wayne Bond July 22, 2013 0
A Smartpen that Checks Your Spelling As You Use it

Let’s wrap it up: we have smartphone, smartpad (tablet), smartTV, robots, smart glasses, smart watches and few other smart devices. We’ve never seen a smartpen before. Now is the right time to introduce you to the new digital spellchecker aka smartpen. It’s created by a German inventor who decided to build in a computer in its case which alerts when you are going to make a spelling mistake. It’s like your first grade teacher but this time more innovational.

Making spelling errors is most common thing in the writing business. I know that we are all digitalized now and working on our computers but sometimes your business requires writing down something properly. This is for all who are little bit “old-fashioned” and don’t trust computers enough. This genius innovation prototype is promising to offer us the longhand writing we’ve been waiting for so long.

Lernstift is the name of the pan which is German for learning pen. This digital pen is similar to others on first sight. It’s carrying ink inside its body but not only that, it uses a small computer for alerting you when you make a spelling error. Daniel Kaesmacher, Lernstift co-founder, has said that there are two functions: calligraphy mode that helps you to correct letters and orthography mode which vibrates when you misspell a word.


This Linux based computer powered by AAA battery, includes a module for vibrating and motion sensor which recognizes your movements, letter shapes and words. There is patent pending for the motion sensor. This pen has other sensors who are its employees. It includes:

  • Gyroscope which is included for measuring the orientation
  • Accelerometer which is used for calculating propulsion
  • Magnetometer which measures the direction and strength of the magnetic fields
  • (Note: these all are used for calculating the 3D movements of the pen)

This smartpen is capable of recognizing all writing movements which are written on paper or in the air. According to the company, this pen has built-in Wi-Fi feature which allows writers to connect it with their computers, smartphones or other pens within the network. Lernstift was invented and founded by Falk Wolsky, software developer, after he saw his wife frustrated with their son’s struggle while writing homework. He asked himself “Why can’t pens give us the instant mistake feedback”? – You can see that all the innovated stuff is coming from developers asking themselves these kinds of questions, coincidence?

Wolsky spent some time constructing the prototype before gathering a team of software and hardware experts late in 2012. Koesmacher said that they are presently at a stage where all individual components are doing their job.

This project has been started on a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise $180,000 and will be tested in schools later in this year. The first made smartpens will recognize only German and English spellings but support for other languages will follow later. According to the company, they want to offer ballpoint pen options, fountain and pencil for a price between $160 and $200 falling to under $60 depending on company growth.

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