T-Mobile Launches New Prepaid Low Cost Brand GoSmart

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0
T-Mobile Launches New Prepaid Low Cost Brand GoSmart

T-Mobile has just launched GoSmart Mobile, a nationwide prepaid wireless brand on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, with high hopes of benefiting from the growth realized in the prepaid market and later on getting the business of those customers that they have lost in the past. Instead of going to its usual T-Mobile portfolio of attracting more consumers, this time around, the strategy is to merge with a smaller brand which the company said it has tested the new service in nine different markets since December of last year and from there, an increase of sign ups went up to tens of thousands within just a period of two months-something which is very surprising and tempting not to jump into the possibility of getting more sales.


GoSmart Service of T-Mobile will be accessible or available in over 3000 wireless reseller shops all around the United States from February 19 and will start at as low as $30 monthly fee which is already offered with unlimited calling and texting services. The only thing that’s missing here is the mobile internet access but for those who can’t help but go online every single day, adding $5 every month which totals to $35 monthly  charge is not a bad idea at all. If the need is for a faster network service, higher speed is also offered at $40. All of these plans already include caller IDD, call waiting, 3-way calling and voicemail.

When it comes to the phone situation, it is a little bit limited as those consumers who are interested in signing up will have to choose from two options. One is to bring an unlocked GSM phone to the shop and bring with them the $8 worth GoSmart Mobile SIM Kit and the other one is to take home one of the two choices of available phones which include Gingerbread running ZTE V768 which has interactive features like 2MP camera, 3.5-inch touch screen, 1500 mAh battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while the other phone is Alcatel OT838 which is a messaging phone that can be taken home at $49 after rebate.

With its merging with GoSmart, T-Mobile will get to tap into the low-cost prepaid space without really needing to use its primary brand name. So why has T-Mobile decided on this strategy this time around? Obviously, it is now targeting the consumers who are into prepaid services. The company has high hopes that it would still be able to attract more people who are into using their phones to make calls and not solely making use of them to surf the internet.

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