Apple to Offer Some Free Content When Apple Store App gets update on July 23

Alex Bezeau July 22, 2013 0


Right after iOS 7 was released to developers, some analysts have said that they are really satisfied with this new redesigned operating system, but App Store is the product that needs redesigning. Apple must have listen to these prayers and announced that on July 23 will bring a new updated version of the App Store for the iPod Touch and iPhone. There are no specific details what this update will include but it is said that iTunes Store and iBookstore will get some promotions. Maybe it won’t be a major update but anything would be better than doing nothing.

This report comes from 9to5 Mac who said that according to unnamed sources this new app will be redesigned to fit in line with the user interface of the iBookstore, iTunes Store and App Store in iOS 6. According to the source, this app with a changed interface comes for a good reason. One of the main app features will be downloadable content. As we could notice from the leaked image, this app will be promoting content from three Apple content stores. Maybe you will need to pay to use the benefits from this promotion but for now this will be available for free but for a limited time.


Apple has positioned this as a way to speed up the process of its content sales as this new feature is developed to raise the awareness about iBooks, iTunes content and applications. According to sources, this new app update is designed to bring you hand-to-hand experience with a brand new initiative in App Stores. When you choose to purchase a new iOS-based device of the App Store, employees will install this new Apple Store app on this newly bought device. When Apple held secretive summit which gathered Retail Leadership, Tim Cook has mentioned that only 20% of the customers are aware that this Apple Store app exists. We can conclude that this new plan is to increase this percentage and to bring people closer to this application.

From what we can see more customers will be exposed to direct sales channels set by Apple. Some analysts said that there must be something hidden behind Apple plans right after it updated its Apple Store app with push notification feature. This company wants more users to install the Apple Store app in order to get them buying more hardware.

Instead of making new ads for presenting your hardware, Apple decided to upgrade its Apple Store app and bring the information closer to its customers. Apple hasn’t commented yet on this report but we’ll be able to know a little bit more tomorrow when this update will be introduced with its intentions. We will inform you if something different occurs.

Share with us in comments why you think that this is smart move by Apple or you are just waiting for the new iOS 7 and don’t care about new updates for the iOS 6.

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