Newest iPad: Now With Double the Storage!

Alex Bezeau January 30, 2013 0


Apple has released a new iPad! It is bound to be even better than the last right! I mean listen to what is said about it. 128 GB. Yep, that is an absolutely massive amount of GB for a tablet. Such a staggering number is perfect for businesses and aspiring artists out there. Apple sure does know what it’s doing. That’s not all though, there’s more!

The New Apple iPad also comes with app support of just over 300,000. A number matched by the last iPad. However you can now fit even more of these apps into the iPad thanks to the new 128 GB ceiling. The new iPad also supports IOS 6.1, which is kind of new, right? Then there is the always great facetime HD camera!


If it isn’t clear by this point, let me list every single new feature that the newly announced iPad brings to the table.

  1. 128 GB storage.
  2. Uhhh…. Nope.

In return for this massive and ungodly increase in storage space, we are expected to shell out $800 for this new iPad. Yep that is a whole $100 more than the 64 GB device. Let me enlighten you to some facts about the iPad that will help you consider the iPad from Apple’s point of view.

Apple has the resources to produce a GB of storage for about 55 cents. Simple math dictates that it costs about $35.20 dollars more to produce than the 64 GB version of the exact same product. In return they get a 2:1 profit of around 70 dollars. Wait, there’s more.

Last year Apple resources were good enough to produce a GB of storage for space of in the ballpark of about 90 cents. This year it is 55 cents and the prices of Apple’s products remain the same and are looking to follow the strategy of “stick another $100 dollars on it and call it a day.”



Seriously Apple, I realize it is a business and is in the market to make money, but that goes hand in hand with innovation and satisfying your customers. While the early adopters and the painfully loyal Apple fanatics will be picking this device up. The only person I can recommend it for is someone who doesn’t yet own a tablet. Even then I would only recommend it for someone who will actually use all of the 128 GB space. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money and extremely inefficient.

This is not an average consumer friendly model by any means and is specialized for companies and artists that might actually make good use of it. Even then the $800 price tag just completely fills me with sadness. Seriously, make sure you have a good reason to even consider this product. The other versions of the iPad do everything this one can in exactly the same way. I can think of a lot of things an extra 100 dollars can be used for instead on another jump in storage space.

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