Redbox Instant Streaming Service Falls Short of Expectations

Sara Cunningham July 22, 2013 0
Redbox Instant Streaming Service Falls Short of Expectations

Redbox has begun to test its own video service called Redbox Instant in July last year. For this purpose, it joined forces with Verizon and the service was officially launched in March 2013. The service was launched with 4,600 movie titles and offered 1 month trial period and $8 a month unlimited streaming service. It was said that this service will have a download content feature which will allow users to download content and stream it later while offline. Sony has announced that Redbox Instant will be available on Play Station 4 gaming console. However, this streaming service didn’t meet the expectations and here is our review of it.

When you set up this service, you will notice that the home screen for this app has similarities with Netflix’s. If you have used Netflix you will be able to get through this without any difficulties. You will notice the big thumbnails of movie titles sorted in separate category. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice the navigational buttons which will enable you to go through each section. When you want to browse movies you will see the drop-down menu at the left side which offers you switching between genres and collections. Your viewing history has been placed under My Redbox section and you can find there also all the movie titles you have booked to watch them later. The location button show you all the Redbox based locations around you. The account button will inform you how many rentals you have left for each month and you will see the preference section where you can restrict content if your kid is using the device.


The movie page offers you to search movies by release date, director, cast and genre. You will be able to rate or find movie through the movie user reviews. When you are watching certain movie, “more like this” section placed on the right side suggests you similar movies if you want to watch something else.

Like we mentioned earlier, the subscription for Redbox Instant streaming service is $8 a month and you will be able to rent 4 DVD movies. Paying only $6 per month will allow you only streaming content. Netflix requires $8 a month for instant streaming service only and additional fee for renting DVDs. The major difference between both streaming services is the size of its catalogs. Netflix has more than 14,000 movies and TV shows in its network and Redbox Instant offers only 4,600 movies with no TV shows. Redbox didn’t make any proposals to major movie companies in order to make its network stronger, but it was said that they will change that as the time goes on.

There are only few movies available for instant watch. It doesn’t make sense signing up with Redbox Instant unless you desperately want those four DVD movie titles that are offered per month. However, if you have signed up for this service, Redbox is great for browsing through movie titles, managing rentals, reserving movies near you and watching some instant movies from time to time.

The good side of this app is that manages your rentals and keeps your movies that you’ve chose to watch them later bookmarked. The major thing that didn’t meet the expectations is the lack of a wider catalog. Redbox Instant is already compared with some other services that has rental catalogs and falls short far behind them. You can find other services if you prefer streaming movies. In order to get started with this service, you need to be creating an account using your credit card or you need to be subscriber.

I know that all streaming services are pretty much the same but all of them have different approach and catalog. If you want to try Redbox Instant streaming service, use the one month trial period and see if you like it. If you don’t like what you see, there is always Netflix that can meet all your expectations and offer you deeper catalog.

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