Sprint’s 4G LTE Available in Some New York Areas

Sara Cunningham July 25, 2013 0
Sprint’s 4G LTE Available in Some New York Areas

The 4G LTE network is spreading really fast and it might hit your area pretty soon. All the major carriers in the U.S already have a support for it and they are rapidly including as many areas as they can. They want to be the first carrier that will come with this fast network into your city before any other. T-Mobile was accused that it brought this support really late and Sprint takes a long time with its 4G LTE roll out to different areas.

New York citizens, at least part of them, will finally have this support coming from their favorite carrier. Brooklyn and Bronx are the new areas that Sprint decided to upgrade with this fast 4G LTE. The rest of the New York will need to stay patient a little bit more and wait for the official statement.  The official announcement from the carrier will be released by July 30. People from Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens are left hanging but I assume Sprint is trying as hard as it can to meet the criteria for its users there. However, Sprint hasn’t said anything when will it cover the whole New York area and maybe by July 30 we will know this information, as well.

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Sprint has a difficulty implementing its fast 4G LTE network in larger cities, especially in such densely packed like New York. According to Sprint’s executives, there are 4G LTE coverage pockets through New York but it’s still not wide enough to announce that the whole city is covered. Last year, Sprint announced that New York will be one of the major cities that will get full coverage of its 4G LTE network and as you can see they started this implementation a year after. Only part of the network is up and running.

Sprint is expected to announce its new project for connecting the subway stations in New York with a cellular connection. This carrier has committed that will connect all 277 subway stations starting with only 36 stations in Manhattan midtown districts and Chelsea in Q1 2014. T-Mobile and AT&T already has support for cellular connections in some underground stations. Sprint and Verizon has recently connected with Transit Wireless to provide their service there.

Bronx and Brooklyn will enjoy its fast 4G LTE from Spring after July 30 and maybe on this date, Sprint will tell the rest of the New York’s areas when they will get this support. One thing is for sure, this fast 4G LTE network is spreading really fast and you can expect that it will come to your home town pretty soon. Maybe not from Sprint but there are three other major carriers that are implementing their version of this network.

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