Android 4.3 Finally Revealed at an Event in San Francisco

Heidi Speare July 26, 2013 0
Android 4.3 Finally Revealed at an Event in San Francisco


Android 4.3 has finally made its appearance at today’s breakfast event in San Francisco. Google at last has introduced this software update which we have expected earlier. Before we start introducing the updated features, we should say that this OS is barely changed and doesn’t include anything that could be considered as a major upgrade. However, this Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is noteworthy for its new Restricted Profiles feature and some performance improvements.

Officially, this Android version is still Jelly Bean which totally makes sense if you consider the slight changes. This could disappoint the Android users because after many months spend in waiting, they got almost nothing. They expected to see Android Key Lime Pie since Google’s developer event in May. For now, this 4.3 version looks like its predecessor. The home screen, app drawer, Google Now, Notifications, Search – all feel the same. However, this Jelly Bean OS has some important additions that we must discuss.


Bluetooth Smart technology

Support for this Bluetooth Smart technology is the new addition to this OS version. It wasn’t unexpected because it has been available on iOS ever since last year. Through this technology, Android lets you connect to all newer power efficient gadgets that use Bluetooth Smart. This connection should use your battery less. During the presentation of this technology, we saw Android device connecting with heart-rate monitor that had support for this technology.

Multi-User Restricted Profiles

This feature was the star of the show. It lets you control the usage of all apps and content on a user level. Parents will especially benefit from this new profile controls. While presenting this feature, we saw a device connected into a restricted profile which caused an app to behave strange and different. To be more specific, a game was shown without its in-app purchases which are good for the parents who will share their device with young children.

Retailers that are using tablets for customer service will feel the benefits of this feature. Different businesses can make multiply user profiles and take advantage of tablets by finally using them in different contexts. People will feel relieved from purchasing another tablet for their business or home purposes. With this feature, Google definitely wants to attract more users because the iOS still lacks this functionality.



Open GL ES 3.0

This is a great addition for those who are using their Android-based devices for games. Open GL ES 3.0 feature makes this new OS version better at displaying graphics. Its preview showed amazing lens flares, textures and amazing reflections that its predecessors would have difficulty displaying it. This feature might be irrelevant to the ordinary user but Open GL ES support is pretty important and opens new possibilities for the developers.

Based on what we can see, Android 4.3 is not as excited as we imagined it to be. The improvements are under the hood and its biggest feature was meant for businesses and parents. They didn’t put lot of work making it useful for every user. While everybody expected Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, this update shows that Google is taking its time in slower development. We can agree that is unexciting but there is possibility that Google is letting all device manufacturers to catch up and it might help all Android users in their future run.


Other than this, Google has introduced its new Nexus 7 with amazing display graphics, Chromecast that brings streaming right on your TV. Google also launched HD Netflix streaming service with its Nexus 7 and Play Games app for new experience in social gaming.

Did you expect something else to be included into this new updated Android OS version? – Share with us in comments your thoughts about Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

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