Beats by Dre Releases New Redesigned Headphones

Jasmina Lozevska July 27, 2013 0
Beats by Dre Releases New Redesigned Headphones

Ever since these headphones were launched on the market, people went crazy about them. They were so perfectly designed and amazing in every single point of view. Recently Beats by Dre has announced its close relationship with Monster and we already knew that something new will come out. This company has released new redesigned headphones that when you look at them at first sight, you won’t notice any bigger difference.

The first model of these signature headphones was released back in 2008 and become a signature phenomenon pretty quick. We still haven’t got our hands or should I say ears on these new Beats Studio headphones, but we assure you that we will soon get them and share our experience with them.

Like I’ve said earlier, the design isn’t different than the previous version but they do seem better. According to Beats Studios, the new headphones are 13% lighter, more comfortable and stronger. There are no visible straight lines or screws and this new model includes softer earcups which has an ergonomic bellow for creating custom and flexible fit for different head shapes. We are still not sure what “ergonomic bellow” means but I assume is something great and we will be sure when we try them on.


Under the hood, there is a new and improved digital signal processor and software which Beats Studio has dubbed the BEA (beats acoustic engine) for their marketing purposes. These headphones version are noise-canceling headphones and they come pre-equipped with 2 noise cancellation adaptive modes. The first mode is for listening music and offers balanced adaptive noise-cancelation between your environment and your music. The second mode is when you want to turn off the world – not listening anything coming from the outside. While the second mode is turned on, the noise cancelation is stronger in order to give you the expected result.

They have a built-in lithium battery which is rechargeable and is rated at 20 hours life. It charges with USB cable and it gives you 5 light LED battery fuel gauge that will tell you how much of your battery is left. It includes auto on/off feature that offers you auto shutdown when you unplug the headphones. This is a really great addition that all noise-reducing headphones should include.

These new headphones are set to start shipping in early August and they will be selling for $299.95. This was the previous price of the original Beats by Dr.Dre headphones which now sell for discounted price of $250 online. We will try to get our hands on these headphones in the upcoming few weeks and report you the full review. Until then, start saving money for upgrading your older version of these headphones.

It was about time Beats Studio to announce something greater and these redesigned headphones will definitely attract more customers. I’m not saying that the previous model wasn’t great but you are getting used to them and they kind of become oldfashioned. The music and tech addicts are always seeking for different experience no matter if this means few added improvements or a slight redesign.

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