Samsung Stays the Leader in Smartphone Manufacturing In the Second Quarter of 2013

Sara Cunningham July 27, 2013 0
Samsung Stays the Leader in Smartphone Manufacturing In the Second Quarter of 2013

While other companies are struggling to keep their pace in the smartphone market, Samsung is going through this year with full speed. We saw slight improvements from the other smartphone companies but it wasn’t quite enough to dethrone Samsung. This new report shows that Samsung is maintaining its leading position during Q2 of this year. I can say that this was expected but let’s go through the official numbers and see how Samsung and others performed.

According to this new data released Thursday, Samsung has extended its lead in the global smartphone market during Q2 of 2013. It has accounted approximately 28% of all mobile phones shipped worldwide. Samsung has shipped 107 million mobile phones in this quarter, which noted the fastest expansion in just a year. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s continual growth of 4% reached 386 million units. This number is a result from the strong demand for low-end Android devices in Latin America and Asia.

Neil Shah, Strategy Analytics senior analyst, has announced that this is the fastest growth rate seen in one year crushing the old record from Q2 in 2012. This previous Q2 in 2012 noted 371.5 million shipped units. While Samsung notes shipments growing by 25% in this quarter, Nokia lost almost third of its whole turf falling to 15.8% in Q2 of this year. Just for a comparison, Nokia noted 22.5% share in Q2 last year. Apple has benefited of Nokia’s lost and increased from 7% to 8.1% share. Trailing between these three companies is LG improving its market place increasing its sales from 3.5% to 4.6%.

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Strategy Analytics has said that it’s Nokia’s fault for the low demand of its feature phones running on the abandoned Symbian OS. Apple is clearly struggling to increase its global smartphone shipments above 10% and go forward into double figures. According to Woody Oh, Strategy Analytics senior analyst, Apple will achieve and sustain this base if decides to launch few new iPhone models which will be selling for lower-price or include a big-screen iPhone.

There have been many rumors that Apple will launch few more iPhones by the end of this year but nothing is official yet. While others have some difficulties, Samsung is making big profits of shipping devices worldwide. The demand for its flag-ship devices is rising all the time and people prefer Samsung because they have wide range of smartphones from which they can choose.

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