Would You Buy TCL’s New 50-inch 4K TV for $999?

Alex Bezeau July 28, 2013 0
Would You Buy TCL’s New 50-inch 4K TV for $999?



TCL said it’s releasing its brand new 50-inch 4K TV in near future. According to the company, this TV will be selling for $999 and to be honest, I’ve never seen a 4K TV that cheap. Do you think this TV has all it takes for that price? This Chinese TV maker has a really great history of producing some great TV devices and this will be its first launch in the US for a price tag under $1000.

According to the company, this TV 7E504D will debut alongside with its flagship 1080p 5510 series TV devices. It’s expected for it to go on sale in September and from what we could see, it’s LED LCD with a 120 Hz Clear Motion Index. It has a built-in scaler which enables native 4K input like from 4K players or a PC. This TV device includes HDMI ports and some other interesting additions, which is unusual for TVs these days. This feature is called MHL and enables you to control or charge your smartphone. There is an USB connector that will let you connect a device for playing MP3s or viewing pictures.


As an addition, TCL has unveiled its 5510 series TV models which are set to release in the US someday in August. It has revealed three models including the 40-inch LE40FHDE5510 that will be selling for $399, a 46-inch LE46FHD5510 which will be selling for $499 and the biggest of all the 55-inch LE55FHD5510 available for $799. These models are offering 120Hz edge LCD LED display with amazing 1080p resolution and they all have 3 HDMI ports with the previously mentioned MHL feature. The biggest, 55-inch TV, includes Smart TV feature equipped with Netflix, Yahoo Apps and YouTube plus built in Wi-Fi. They have a beautiful slim design with glass stand and pretty amazing gray final touch.

This is not the only Chinese company that is set to release a 50-inch 4K TV in the US. TCL’s competitor, Seiki has made more expensive version 50-inch 4K SE50UY04 which will be selling for $1,100 on Amazon. According to many reviews and analytics, this TV hasn’t lived up to the challenge and it’s not a good choice for spending that much money. This company has a smaller version with a 39-inch screen that goes for $699.

These 4K TV models are also known as UHD which measures a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and is set to prove some expectations while establishing its proper place into the market. The biggest advantage with this 4K TV is the 3D technology that has a potential to show videos better than 1080p TV sets. There are many disadvantages to but we will leave this when these TV’s are launched and when we write our reviews.

Having a nice TV set equipped with the latest tech features is crucial for your TV experience. As time passes, I get pretty amazed of what these TV companies can do. I expect them to continue with their great work and amaze us with more powerful devices.

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