Check Out T-Mobile’s Newest Deals for Mobile Phones

Heidi Speare July 28, 2013 0
Check Out T-Mobile’s Newest Deals for Mobile Phones


T-Mobile doesn’t stop bringing changes to its plans and deals for mobile phones. A few weeks ago, we saw that this carrier has offered their customers to upgrade their old phones twice in one year. In order to enjoy this advantage, they need to pay $10 per month that is also an insurance policy. Now, they have some other promotion that will let buyers purchase phones without down payment. However, these devices will be paid off by monthly installments.

Users can now pick up their favorite phones without any additional payment. For example, you can choose the iPhone 5 for $0 down payment and pay $27 per month for the next 2 years. Other than the iPhone 5, T-Mobile made these devices available for purchasing on this plan: Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Samsung Galaxy Note S2, Nokia Lumia 925/521, Sony Xperia Z, BlackBerry Q10, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

These deals could be great for the new customers that want to switch to this carrier. There hasn’t been an expiration date set by the company for this promotion but T-Mobile did say that this is time-limited offer. This kind of promotions usually lasts few days or weeks to a month. Zero-down payment looks like quite a tempting offer but you must keep on mind that you will pay the full price for the device for the next 24 months. If you calculate the monthly fee of the iPhone 5 for 2 years, you will notice that you’ll need to pay $648.



The only disadvantage of this is that you need to stay on top with just one offer. If you want to use the previously mentioned Jump offer, you will not be able to use this promotion. If you choose to use this promotion you will not be able to use the Jump plan for 24 months. We already know that T-Mobile ditched its contract plans and replaced them with no-contract plans. This plan separates the cost of the monthly service from the cost of the device. The subscribers need to pay the full cost of the phone in order to use this plans and new devices. As you can see, this promotion and the Jump plan, make the process easier if you don’t want to pay off the full retail price right away.

T-Mobile continues with its promotions and new offers and climbs up closer to the other carriers in the U.S. We saw that the remaining carriers felt threaten by T-Mobile and started making some changes into their plans. This is really good for the carrier market as customers have different options from where they can choose preferred plans.

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