Google’s Chromecast Stick Already Out of Stock

Alex Bezeau July 28, 2013 0
Google’s Chromecast Stick Already Out of Stock


It was available only few days for pre-orders and is already declared as out of stock. This device was released by Google and many reviews and comments said that this will be the future streaming stick that will occupy the tech world. For now, the Chromecast stick is making its way through this saying going with full speed ahead. With paying just $35, you are getting Wireless video gadget that streams YouTube and Netflix to your TV using your iOS or Android-based devices. You can stream music and pictures and it’s also really flexible. Placing it behind your TV will make you forget that you are using it.

If you have ordered it by now, you are one of the lucky users because this stick just got out of stock. It has been sold out in all three big retail outlets: Amazon, Best Buy and Google Play Store. Google has promised that a bigger supply is coming very soon to its Play Store and of course, Amazon will have the bigger stock to sell in the upcoming days. Best Buy announced that they have sold out this device but it will be available again on their market shelves on Sunday. If you have a Best Buy near you, and you desperately want this gadget, it might be worth heading towards it right now because several reports said that Chromecast is already on sale at few locations.

This is definitely good news for Chromecast developers because this is the best news a company can get. We had many reports about many eBay users reselling this device from $59 to $150. It’s likely that the free Netflix will be over as Google announced this trial period will be available only for pre-orders. There is a chance that this won’t be coming back again.


Selling out fast can be a bit tricky because it unveils an important question. With so many Chromecast sticks out on the field, will this cost streaming media industries and television? – Or there is a big chance this gadget to be forgotten and collecting dust in the farthest corner in few months from now. This can’t be answered right now because some time needs to past so people can take a full advantage of it and share their experience.

Google proved that they still have what it takes to release a gadget that will make people go crazy over. If you haven’t ordered your Chromecast version, you need to wait for few days in order to get one. It’s really handy and will bring you a great experience while streaming content from your Wireless devices.

Did you order your Chromecast stick? – Share with us your expectations of it and why was the main reason that made you to purchase it?

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