Pinterest Implements New Privacy Measures

Wayne Bond July 28, 2013 0
Pinterest Implements New Privacy Measures

Pinterest is next in the line for making their privacy measures stronger as they decided to implement a new privacy feature. You already know that Pinterest offers suggested pins which are based on users’ online activity and sometimes someone doesn’t want to have that or doesn’t want to be tracked. This company is about to change that with introducing a brand new security measure which involves a ‘Do Not Track’ feature.

This was announced by the company in a blog post released on its official web page. Do Not Track is a setting that users can choose if they don’t want different web sites to track their online activity. This is an interesting and useful idea as users will finally enjoy in their privacy and not letting others to see what they are their browsing habits. This prevents sites from tracking and collecting certain data. Based on sayings coming from different sources, companies have been really slow coming on board. Twitter was among the first that implemented this kind of support in 2012.

According to the blog post, Pinterest said that they will use the data to collect some better pins and boards to introduce to users. It includes an edit button which lets users customize their home screen feeds. Pinterest also claimed that all the users will be able to opt out whenever they want. The company will suggest you some personalized boards and pins based on the web sites that have the “Pin it” button. If you are into sport events and if you plan to visit some of them, Pinterest will collect all the data and suggest it to you for making a direct hit. You will be able to learn more about this in their updated privacy policy or in Help Center.


Ke Chen, a Pinterest software engineer, has written in the blog post that they are really excited to give everyone their own personalized experience and they will totally understand if you are not interested in making changes on your home page. They started supporting Do Not Track and you can feel free to change the settings anytime you want.

This seems like a smart move for Pinterest and I expect to be used by lot of people right from the start. What’s more, people may start liking and using Pinterest even more.

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