High-Tech Mosquito Protection by Olfactor Laboratories – Meet Kite Patch

Sara Cunningham July 29, 2013 0
High-Tech Mosquito Protection by Olfactor Laboratories – Meet Kite Patch

Mosquitoes can be really boring during the summer period and it seems that you just can’t get rid of them. We all feel hopeless when it comes to mosquito bites. There are many lotions that are supposed to protect us from these really annoying bugs but the truth is, they can’t protect us completely.

The uncomfortable itchy feeling is not the only problem caused by these small insects. They carry around deadly diseases like malaria and dengue fever each day. Small kids and babies can get bitten and that could be fatal. The previously mentioned lotions and sprays which have been sold are causing concern to parents who are worried about spraying their babies with products that contain deet.

This is where technology has to intervene. Latest innovation coming from Olfactor Laboratories helps you fight mosquitos and protects you from diseases.

Meet Kite Patch – the innovation that makes you invisible to these dangerous insects. This lightweight patch attaches to your clothes and protects you from mosquitoes for 48 hours. It uses non-toxic ingredients that disrupt the ability of mosquitoes to find people. This was posted by the company standing behind Kite who started fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  This tech was developed by Olfactor Labs and the California University at Riverside. This project is backed up by the Health National Institutes and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The goal is collecting $75,000 and it’s focused on sending 20,000 patches for testing in Uganda where malaria is maintained over 60%. World Health Organization reported that more than 660,000 people have died of malaria back in 2010. According to Torrey Tayenaka, Kite co-founder, there is a child dying of mosquito disease each day and this should be prevented. For paying $35 backers will receive 10 patches for them and send 10 patches to Uganda. This patch has been designed to be affordable everywhere and can be attached to clothing, baby strollers or whatever you will be using for the next 48 hours.

If this works, Kite Patches will be great way to get protected of mosquitoes. This will protect lots of people not only from mosquito bites, but also from many diseases their bites can cause.

Do you like this invention? – Share your thoughts in comments section bellow or go to Indiegogo site and help this invention reach its limit.

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