What the iPhone 5S Needs to Be Exceptional

Jasmina Lozevska July 29, 2013 0

We are still waiting for this new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and many rumors are saying that Apple will reveal this smartphone in September and it will be officially released in October. That would be the logical course of events, since the Cupertino-based company tends to release its newest iPhone devices once a year, every September.

The company didn’t comment on this yet and people have started putting their expectations on the table. We are going to share with you few of the most wanted features for the next iPhone 5S.


  1. Biometric security

Perhaps this feature is not desired by many users but it will be really cool if the phone reads your fingerprints instead writing a password for unlocking it, don’t you think? Plus, this feature would be used alongside NFC for making payments with your mobile phone. It’s important to say that Apple already filled patents which are related to this feature.

  1. IR

We’ve seen this feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and we could expect Apple to do the same thing with its iPhone. The chances of implementation are small but it would be really great if you can turn your iPhone into a universal remote. This could be a huge hit if Apple releases its much rumored TV in near future.

  1. Activity tracker

These gadgets have been really popular these days and it’s about time Apple to consider implementing them into its iPhones. Forgetting an extra gadget at home can be annoying and having the iPhone in your pocket equipped with various sensors, accelerometers etc. can be a true relief.

  1. NFC

Apple might be working on this technology for integrating it into the iPhone 6. This will replace the bar code technology and will make your iPhone act as a payment device. The new iOS 7 didn’t give us the required support for NFC and it looks that this feature will be left aside again of the new iPhone. Apple has a good history of holding back some features that they think are not fully ready for a major debut on the iPhones. Unfortunately, Apple feels that way about this NFC feature. This doesn’t mean that Apple won’t consider implementing it in future iPhones but for now, chance of implementation is really low.

  1. More storage capacity

iPhone users are always wining about more storage capacity. We’ve already seen the iPad expanding to 128GB and some people expect this 128GB iPhone this year. This means that Apple will increase the price tag over $500 or maybe $500 with a contract but it seems that iPhone users don’t care – they only want more storage.

  1. Faster processor

This is the most obvious expectation and our expectation list cannot go without it. Apple has improved iPhone’s capabilities with each new model and we expect the new iPhone 6 to offer a faster performance. Apple has reported that its dual-core A6 processor chip has 2x better performance than its predecessor, A5 chip, implemented in the iPhone 4s.

iphone 5s

There are many others expectations but we choose these as the most common. We can add better battery life and maybe a bigger screen.

What are your very own expectations regarding the new iPhone 5S? Do you think Apple will add some of the abovementioned features and which ones exactly are more likely to be seen on the new iPhone? Share with us.

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