Recent iPhone App Released to Crack Down on Underage Drinkers

Heidi Speare July 30, 2013 0
Recent iPhone App Released to Crack Down on Underage Drinkers


Developers’ imagination combined with hard work has proven to be so useful in real life. iPhone apps list is already very long, but I’m afraid we haven’t seen anything of this sort that draw so much attention. Parents will be so grateful to app developers for this one. This new app will scan licenses from every state in the U.S and some Canadian provinces using an iPhone. This will help bartenders to check if a person has the right license for drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

The app has the potential to stop underage drinking, as it will be able to spot fake IDs. The app is called barZapp and by pointing the iPhone camera at the ID bar code, it will show you results whether the ID is legit. This app includes additional info like the date of birth, weight, height, hair and eye color and expiration date. It’s already made available on iTunes for $1,99 and allows 10 scans per day. You can pay $19.99 per month to get unlimited scanning times. This app has been downloaded approximately 1,000 times so far.

This app has been made by Intellicheck Mobilisa that provides software for many ID scanners which have been used by stores. According to Nelson Ludlow, Intellicheck Mobilisa CEO, these scanners are far more expensive because every store owner has to maintain its hardware. This app is not the first of this kind on the market but Ludlow believes that barZapp is superior over its competition because it has wide cover range ability.

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This app can spot fake IDs regardless what the holder of the license wants to do with it. Tobacco stores can find this app useful, as well. Ludlow said that this cheap solution can be found useful because it can help detect underage drinking and to reduce selling alcohol and tobacco to kids who want to get these products in stores with fake IDs.

This app is only available for iOS now and they have promised that the Android version is coming really soon. However, I hope this app will make minors think twice before entering a liquor store to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

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