New Guidelines for Mobile Apps Established

Sara Cunningham July 30, 2013 0
New Guidelines for Mobile Apps Established

Smartphone users seem like they needed these new guidelines for mobile apps. The whole thing started when privacy advocates and some industry groups were near reaching an agreement for establishing voluntary guidelines for mobile apps. It should let consumers know every detail about which information exactly is has been used from their tablet or smartphone and passed to the marketers.

The plan is showing a short brief which will be easy to read for every user and displayed on every app under privacy policy. It will be attached like a snapshot and will give customers a bottom line on what info this software will collect. This usually includes physical location, personal contacts, web surfing habits and how this data will be shared and used with other companies.

This won’t replace those long privacy policies that consumers never read and how far this will go it’s up to the whole industry. Major trade associations are already on track to endorse this plan and it’s up to developers and individual companies to choose if they want to comply this measure or not. In general, tests and implementation this kind of guidelines usually takes several months. This is considered as a large step forward for improving the privacy rights. According to the advocates, all the consumers were held in the dark when it comes to collection of their data.


Popular apps have improved the functionality of the smartphones. These kinds of apps are often free or cost few dollars to download. These apps can turn these smartphones into gaming consoles or personal offices. However, in order to get started, these apps need certain information about you, for instance – your ZIP code or birth date and almost always – your location. According to the developers, this information is really useful for making the software as good as promised. The personal data can be also sold to many marketers in order creators to bring home a reward.

The most important thing about this is if any company or individual developer violates the rules of this guideline, they will face lots of costly penalties.

This month we saw some new privacy rules which were set by the FTC. They have taken effect for every mobile based app that has been marketed to children under 13 years. Companies are now forbidden to collect info on kids in almost all cases unless their parents give a full permission to do that. This kind of approval by the parents won’t be required when the website operator tend to collect data in order to support its operations within the app which can include site analysis, network communications and advertising.

This will help app developers build trust with their consumers. Creating and maintaining trust is really crucial when it comes to mobile app marketplace. We will see how the developers will react on this measure.

Do you think that this is helpful and do you feel the need of this measure? – Share your thoughts and answers in comments section bellow.

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