Leaked Images Suggest the Budget iPhone Arrival May be Close

Jasmina Lozevska July 30, 2013 0
Leaked Images Suggest the Budget iPhone Arrival May be Close

Apple is once again in the center of attention for its much rumored low-cost iPhone smartphone. We saw so many rumors so far saying that Apple will finally release its iPhone Mini version that will be cheaper and meant for the budget market. Tim Cook has put an end to all rumors few months ago when he said that they have no intention of releasing low-cost smartphone because that’s not what they do. Rumors stayed quiet for some time, until new leaked pictures showed up.

This time, the situation seems a bit different and instead of devices, the images showed packages for the budget iPhone. According to the picture, this model will be called iPhone 5C and based on previous speculations, it will be ready to make its debut in the fall. It is expected and very likely to happen, because the fall products reveal slowly approaches and possible parts, devices and accessories are showing on the Web with higher frequency. This plastic package of an iPhone 5C was shown on the WeiPhone, Chinese forum. This iPhone 5C may be the much rumored budget iPhone that will be made from plastic. It could arrive alongside with the next gen iPhone 5 that is expected to be called 5S.

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It’s not clear if this image comes from a reliable source and whether that is the real thing which expects us in the fall. To be honest, this doesn’t match to Apple’s visual treatment of its devices. This plastic casing looks similar to the iPod Touch’s case and it’s still unclear what “C” stands for.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 proved to be the most popular iPhone sold in the Q2, which ended on June 30. Its iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that are 2 and 3 years old respectively, were sold in great numbers in emerging markets which is great indicator for a bigger demand of budget iPhone. This means that the low-cost iPhone will know what market to target right from its start.

We saw that the iPhone sales went up 400% in India, up 140% in the Philippines and 60% in Turkey. Only China noted down-sell for 4% from the 2012 Q2. Apple reported $27 million in revenue on its trailing basis in the past 12 months. According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, he believes that China still represents great opportunity for Apple and they don’t get discouraged over this 90-days quarter cycle that have few economic factors.

There is no doubt that budget iPhone will have a great success in these emerging markets. We saw that people leaving in these area markets are waiting to see the iPhone discounted enough in order to purchase it for an affordable price. I really don’t know why Apple hasn’t made a low-cost version of its flag-ship device by now. Maybe this year will be crucial and budget-minded customers will finally get what they want from Apple. We will see if Apple decides to bring joy to their faces this fall.

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