Apple’s Shares in US Smartphone Market Growing Rapidly

Heidi Speare July 30, 2013 0
Apple’s Shares in US Smartphone Market Growing Rapidly


I still remember that last year Apple was only few dollars away from reaching the $1,000 share price and suddenly, something happened and Apple started falling really fast. We all know that Apple hasn’t made its big move by now and we are looking forward seeing few devices in September or October. We saw Android constantly beating Apple for several years now and this hasn’t changed in this previous quarter either. Android stays on top of the smartphone market in the U.S. but we have a different story now.

While Android enjoys its first place, Apple started catching up as its shares started growing rapidly. Apple’s shares hit 42.5% for the past three months which ended in June. If we compare the last year’s report we will see that the shares rose 3.3 points. This analysis was made by Kantar Worldpanel. This is a great indicator that Apple started its big catch up game with Google’s software in the U.S smartphone market.

For the last three months, ending with June, Android noted 51.1% of all smartphone sales in the U.S. This number saw a slight drop from Q2 of 2012 when Samsung held 52.6% of the smartphone sales. Last year’s Q2 Apple held 39.2% and you can see that for these three months, Apple has done a good job and gain more sales. This can be considered to be a preparationfor the upcoming period where Apple is expected to release several devices to upgrade its iDevice line. If the shares are rising now, we can only imagine what will happen when Apple starts selling its newest iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad 5th gen in October.



Microsoft’s Windows based phones also saw higher sales, noting a 4% share. During the same period in 2012, Microsoft held 2.9%. BlackBerry saw the biggest lost this quarter noting 1.1% which is nothing, compared to the already poor 4% in Q2 of 2012.

Apple did a great job selling phones through the official iPhone carriers. Apple has reported that 40% of all smartphone sales in the US went through Verizon Wireless. 39% of the iPhone sales were made from AT&T. The last in the line is Sprint, reporting 10% of the iPhone sales and T-Mobile with 8%. Verizon also did  great selling Windows Phone and Android smartphones. 35% of Android based sold devices went through Verizon, 17% are coming from Sprint, 16% were sold by AT&T and T-Mobile took 13%. As we mentioned earlier, this data comes from Kantar’s consumer panel in the U.S, which makes 240,000 interviews a year with all available mobile phone users. Company’s specialty is smartphone sales more than market share.

This is great for Apple and for the market share also, as they tend to get step closer to its biggest competitor. The market is getting tougher as all companies are releasing their new high-end devices. Lots of rumors are showing that Apple is set to release few different devices this year like the original, bigger and cheaper iPhone, iTV, iWatch and of course, the next gen of its iPad and iPad Mini.

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