Asus HD 7-inch Memo Pad: Cheaply Made or Good For the Price

Alex Bezeau July 31, 2013 0
Asus HD 7-inch Memo Pad: Cheaply Made or Good For the Price


We’ve been wondering whether a 7-inch tablet will meet our criteria with good performance and cheap price. We came across Asus HD 7 Memo Pad and it really seemed as an affordable tablet device. In order to see what we can do with it, we tested it to see if it’s cheaply made or good for the price. This is what we got as final results.


This tablet has equal dimensions to the Nexus 7 but it’s not even near its comfortable design. You can still hold it with one hand even if you have small palms because its lightness. If you hold it for a long time your hand will get tired and you will need to hold it with both hands. The back panel isn’t anything special and you will feel the corners when you are holding it with both hands for a longer period of time. I’ve found myself leaving it on the table for a few moments because holding it became weirdly hard.

asus hd 7 memo pad


You can choose between lime green, pink, white and blue color. The blue version is my favorite because only this model has a back plate with great finish. The darker shades of blue shows minimal amount of fingerprints and they are only visible for few angles. Asus made both of Nexus 7 and Memo Pad HD 7 that’s why they have similar design. The tablet’s front looks the same, with the Asus logo on the bottom and you can also notice the front camera placed on the top.


This tablet has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor along with a single-core GPU and 1GB of RAM. It comes equipped with 16GB storage capacity. This tablet features Bluetooth 4.0 and accelerometer. It has a rear 5-mpix camera with a 1.2-mpix front facing camera. The rear camera comes equipped with many built-in features like color filters, panorama, HDR but it has a poor quality.

asus hd 7 memo pad


Asus Memo Pad HD 7 has 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution with 216 ppi. It doesn’t offer very good viewing angles but it offers accurate colors that beat other 7-inch tablets. Its screen is really sharp and offers really bright spots that are accurately placed with many details on this Memo Pad HD 7. Its colors are not oversaturated and the video and images details are really good due to its many perfect colors. It offers a really nice display for a cheap price, I must admit. However, the touch-screen feature wasn’t so responsive from time to time.

The Memo Pad HD 7 is underrated only because it’s cheaply built. This tablet runs on Android 4.2.1 but Asus said that an update will be available as soon as August in the U.S. According to the company, the swiping will be improved as this is the most important feature that needed a fix. There are better options than this tablet for paying additional $50 to $100. The good thing about this device is its impressive colorful display, customization options and has a really low price. The bad side of it is the unresponsive touch screen, mediocre performance, plastic built and it’s uncomfortable for holding for a longer period. Those who seek cheap priced tablets with some useful features will find everything they look in this Memo Pad HD 7 of Asus.

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