iOS and Android Versions of Zagat Released

Sara Cunningham July 31, 2013 0
iOS and Android Versions of Zagat Released

If you were wondering what was on Google’s mind for the past few weeks, your answer would be Zagat. This service, bought by Google in September 2011, has been relaunched and this time, it comes with iOS and Android support. Alongside these changes, Zagat now is made accessible without any additional fees or registrations. It will put all of your favorite and best restaurants in one place in order to make your life easier. If you are searching for the proper nightspot, Zagat app will bring that right on your smartphone.

When Google fully integrated Zagat in May 2012, the web site required only users who have a Google+ account. All the barriers were removed and Google wants to bring the best dining restaurants closer to its users. It seems that people in Zagat will find everything that was covered by Yelp and we could expect these two web guides to be the biggest competitors on the market. Yelp is also available on mobile devices and on the web but it’s also integrated into Apple Maps.

For now, Zagat is supported in nine U.S cities like New York City and San Francisco but according to the company, this web platform will be available in more cities in the upcoming months. The residents living there will gain a full access to consumer surveys, reviews and ratings as an addition to blogs and videos. Zagat tends to cover 50 more cities in the U.S and several international destinations. This was posted on Google’s official blog page and according to it, they want to receive the proper audience first and then expand more. Their plan is to cover hotels, shopping and other places in future.


Gannon Hall, head and product manager at Zagat, posted that they were surveying passionate local citizens for 34 years about every important place in their lives. Based on this, they have built Zagat and through their featured surveys on Zagat web page they expect to continue collecting personal opinions and user reviews about visited places.

If you aren’t satisfied by Yelp’s work, you will find everything you need here at Zagat. Find the best restaurant for eating Chinese or Indian food or maybe the Italian kitchen. By reading all the reviews and personal opinions by people who have visited this place, you will decide if you will visit it or not.

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