3 Things You Have to Know to About the Amazon Kindle Fire

Wayne Bond July 31, 2013 0

Amazon finally made the decision to produce its very own material and the Amazon Kindle Fire is its way to do it. It was released last year together with the other high-class tablets from big-time companies such as Samsung and Apple. This is a 7-inched tablet that is working with an Android operating system. It is equipped with the Ice Cream Sandwich model. This is already fast enough to run the applications that are suitable for the Amazon Kindle Fire. 

  1. Super Cheap for a Decent Tablet

This is so far the cheapest yet the most decent tablet. It is priced at 120 USD. This is incredibly low considering that its competitors are already at the 300 to 500 USD mark. Amazon did a great job in capturing the attention of its market. It is able to sell millions of copies because of this floor-level price.  This is already worth considering because of its specs are at the most typical. Its features do not excel that much but this is still reasonable. This is a tablet that can be best use as a gift for loved ones.

     2.   More Than Suitable for Electronic Books

The Amazon Kindle Fire is handcrafted to match the pages of a book. Filling it with the latest and the best digitalized books is the best thing that an owner can do with this unit. Its 7-inch screen can definitely bring its readers into the world that is being described in the story. There is no problem flipping the pages because the Amazon Kindle Fire is able to imitate the same exact look of the pages in the particular books. Viewing movies alone can also be best catered with this model. Checking out the hottest videos on multimedia sites can be done well by the Amazon Kindle Fire.

  1. Cannot Promise a Long  Life

The endurance of this tablet is not that impressive. It can easily break down especially when owners do not protect it. Other tablets can be used without covers or protectors without having to worry but this is not applicable with Amazon Kindle Fire. It has to be protected all the time. It must not be put in a bag without its own compartment. The other things in a luggage can easily smash it.  It is also prone to overheating. This is the most visible disadvantage for this unit. Everything seems to be slower when a lot of applications are opened.

 The Amazon Kindle Fire suits those who are not really devoted to strong and powerful specifications for a tablet. It can already satisfy the needs of those who would like to experience one. It will be a great buy if it is for a kid who wants to play with not-so high-end games or for a person who is into reading a long list of many books.


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