AOL Reader: A So-So Document Processor and Presenter

Wayne Bond July 31, 2013 0
AOL Reader: A So-So Document Processor and Presenter

Google has been struggling with its Google Document Reader. Not a lot of people appreciate it because it is sometimes messy and unruly. AOL took the advantage and developed its very own version of the online document processor. The AOL Reader can be the most essential tool for the Internet-savvy.  It capitalizes on the weakness of its competitors. Google has been so dull. There was not much of an improvement from this company ever since it introduced this application. AOL saw this and made its designers not focus on making theirs fast. Let us see the departments where they put their efforts on.


  • The Replacement to the  Odd Google Reader

Google Reader is the only competitor AOL Reader has. The competition got though tough just last July 1 because Google announced that it is going to improve its features. Maybe the better specs from AOL Reader rattled the company to do so. It is totally ahead of the game when it comes to each and every feature that they showcase. The bomb for the AOL Reader is its funky and hippy style of doing the work. It can also turn into the most flexible document-reader with its classy and stylish designs. It gives its owners the freedom to choose how to view their materials.


  • Connecting Efficiently to the Web

The connectivity that can fuel up the AOL Reader is just amazing. This is undeniably one of the best when it comes to Rich Site Summary Feeds. It is not just flexible it is also fast and reliable. This is one of the best-selling points of this program. Everything just goes smoothly.  Unlike with its other competitors, viewing a document does not have to take long with the AOL Reader. It shows a lot of the parts of it without the blurry portions. This helps save a lot of time. Just imagine running a document in front a presentation in a class and everything is already set-up by the reader. 3-5 seconds of hang time are already eliminated with the AOL Reader.


  • Sharp and Vivid Colors for a Reader

Viewing a document has never been this exciting. Only AOL Reader has made everything look so flashy and free. It knows when to put the colors that are friendly to the eyes. The more amazing thing is that it can work with different operating systems. It blends with Mac OS, Intel, AMD and so much more. It is not very specific with the websites that it deals with, too. Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Internet Explorer can easily process the documents that it has to show.


Surely, the AOL Reader is the next big thing in document processing and reading. Installing it is really worth it. It shows unique functions such as tagging and highly-capacitive buttons. Tweaking codes come handy with this program, too. All the inputs will automatically be ordered alphabetically. Overall, this is a superb performance.


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