A Quick Look at the Latest and Hippest Beats Mixr

Wayne Bond August 1, 2013 0
A Quick Look at the Latest and Hippest Beats Mixr

Beats is probably one of the most famous headset brand in the history. The exposure is brought about by both positive and negative publicity.  Plus, the endorsements that it gets from the famous stars in the show business such as the Justin Bieber add up to the hype. With all these worldwide hits, how can a person be so sure of the quality of this headset? Can it really amplify music at its best? Or is it just another waste of a chunk of money? Let us find out by going through one of its latest products – the Beats Mixr.


  • Truly the Most Comfortable Head Piece

Putting the Beats Mixr on is like putting the best set pillows around the head. Other headsets tend to give their owners headaches when they stay long in the ears but the Beats Mixr does not. It is made up of a very soft leather-like cushioning that is just impeccably soft.  All the possible parts that will hit the ear are covered by this feather-like cushion. A person can enjoy long hours of listening to music without even noticing that the Beats Mixr is in their ears.  It is so comfortable that it even feels like it is not in there.



  • Light and Loud Combined in One

There is something very special with the way the company produces sound with their headsets. Buyers are guaranteed of a fresh, clean and vivid music experience with Beats products and this model is not an exemption. It can already be considered a portable speaker because of its capability to produce really loud yet solid music. Even the slightest beeps and bumps in a song can be heard with this Beats Mixr. It is amazing because it can still reduce the glitches and the other unnecessary sounds in a particular copy of the music. All these fun and fierce speaker system are compressed in a very light Beats Mixr. Again, there is a feeling that it is not even there because this unit is made up of the finest aluminum to support its ear cushions.


  • Definitely Not Worth Its Tag Price

Beats produced perfectly-crafted headsets. However, they are known for putting so many funds in these projects that sometimes it is no longer reasonable. The 220 Pound-tag it has is too much for an accessory. This price can already buy a lot of gadgets in the market including an advanced smartphone, a decent laptop or the latest compact camera. Maybe if Beats could lessen its endorsements, its tie-up with expensive endorsers and focus more on coming up with cheaper yet equally efficient materials, it could reach to a lot more people. Today, with all the inflation and the economic crisis faced by a lot of people, a 220 Pounds of headset is not practical.


It is true that Beats nailed it again with this new Beats Mixr. However, Samsung and Philips are good choices, too. Their products can pretty much tie up the game when it comes to comfort, style and music quality. Plus, their models are far way cheaper than what Beats can offer.


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