Blackberry Q5: Not the Best Mix of the Old and New

Wayne Bond August 5, 2013 0
Blackberry Q5: Not the Best Mix of the Old and New

The Canadian company named Blackberry made another intriguing product with its Blackberry Q5. This promises the best combination of the old and new features of a smartphone. It is not an entirely touchscreen phone because of its flashy and elegant keyboard. It features a 3.3 inch keypad alongside a screen with the same size. This screen is part of the latest touchscreen model released by the company. Aside from this hardware, no other thing is worth the try for this Canadian-manufactured smartphone. Let us find out the reasons why the Blackberry Q5 will be another flop from the company.

 Not the Best Proportion for a Smartphone

The sizes of both the keypad and the screen are odd. They are almost the same. This makes it harder to have a grip while using the phone. Also, the 3-inch size of the phone is not sufficient to hold better graphics. It is just too small. It will be better if only the company could lessen the keypad size to convert it into the size of the screen. The only positive thing about the keypad on this phone is that its keys are isolated. They were placed properly unlike the other units from the same brand. Those who have larger fingers will definitely love it.


 No Drastic Improvements for Camera and Software 

There were applications added to the camera of this phone. However, these are not enough to get the attention from a lot of consumers. They are typically found on other phones that are even cheaper than the Q5. Also, the company did not put much attention on the unit’s software. It is run not by the latest operating system from Blackberry. This is a total whack for a customer. It is also not capable of running different applications at a single time. Most of the time, it experiences inability to connect even the simplest tasks for a smartphone such as sending mails and opening documents.

 Stable and Tough Outer Core

This may be the selling point for the Blackberry Q5. Its back cover shows a really tough material. It is hard to take it into pieces. The battery is also one with the phone unlike the other units produced by the same company. It can still be used with a memory card. This is inserted in another very strategic place – the right side of the unit.  It can perfectly fit the lifestyle of those who would just put their phones in their pockets. It does not wear off easily except for the plastic material that is at the bottom of the keypad.

The price for this phone is around 400$. Just add a little more and you will find way better smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The competition for this type of gadgets is already at its peak. This company should exert more effort to get their head back in the game. They did not perfect the combination of the old keypad phone with the new touchscreen one with the Blackberry Q5.


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