In and Out the Fujifilm X100s: Not Just a Pretty Face?

Wayne Bond August 2, 2013 0
In and Out the Fujifilm X100s: Not Just a Pretty Face?

The vintage-looking appeal of the Fujifilm X100s helped the camera reach its way to millions of users globally. It was released April of 2013. It has a metal rigged finish that made it look and feel so sturdy. It can be used without too much care unlike the other digital cameras that are out in the market. It is mostly silver and few black in color. This combination brought back a lot of photographers in the 80s. Do not be mistaken because its retro feature ends with its look. Fujifilm made sure that they made it look so fashionable yet work with the most advanced features.


  • Nailing It With a Hybrid  View Finder

This is one of the most promising features of the Fujifilm X100s. It works with one of the finest view finders in the field of digital cameras. This easily gives its owners the best shots with nature, adventure and many more mementos. It is also very user-friendly given that it has the most updated view finder. It can work even with people who have shaky hands. It captures still life during a breath-taking ride at a roller coaster on a theme park. It can easily give its owner glimpse of a game of soccer or any other exhilarating sport, too.



  • Showing Off with Fine and Crisp Buttons and Lenses

The company has been so innovative to pull this great product.  It shows by the way they set-up the buttons and the lenses. Pressing the on/off key and the other buttons for processing does not seem so fragile.  It goes the same when the lenses fold back to where they actually belong. Everything is just so easy to use. It is a big risk for them to produce it in this look but, overall, they succeeded. They did this by giving the hardware department the extra effort. They have developed it to become a real tough one. They did a great job in forming another gem from a classic.


  • Turning On a High and Recommendable Performance

Fujifilm went wild when they thought about the specifications that should be put in this unit. They turned it into a monstrous deal. It is working fast with its X-Trans CMOS III sensor.  Photographers who are amateurs and professionals will definitely find their way to top-notch photos with this software. It has a raw processing unit inside. Mild post-processing activities can already be catered by this one. Photos come up vivid and sharp. The F2 processor is all good considering that is backed up by the best shutter from the company. Messing up with lights will turn out to be more playful with this one.


There are flaws in this unit. These are usually found in the hardware department of the Fujifilm X100s. However, everything is compensated because of its relatively lower price. The answer to the whether it is more than just a pretty face is a resounding yes. It is way better than its other newer competitors even with a classic look.


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