Amazon Offers Cases for the Low Cost iPhone

Jasmina Lozevska August 1, 2013 0
Amazon Offers Cases for the Low Cost iPhone

The rumors for the low cost iPhone by Apple are heating up each day. Yesterday, we saw leaked images showing product cases of this iPhone 5C. We have a different situation now, as Amazon began offering several cases matching the size and design of the iPhone 5C. Why beginning to sell additional accessories if you don’t know whether this smartphone will make its debut or not? – This is the biggest question that Amazon or Apple needs to answer in order to confirm the existence of this device.

If you were planning to buy this low-cost (still imaginary) smartphone you can order a case from Amazon and prepare for the arrival of the new device. This Elago S5C which lists the iPhone 5C name is already available for preorder. Few of these cases are promised to be in stock on August 23 and maybe Amazon knows something that we don’t know. This could be another suggestion that we will see the budget iPhone August 23. The regular case can be yours for $9.99 while the other editions which include screen and back protectors are selling for $24.99.

We must understand that this is still an ordinary rumor because this is not enough evidence of this low-cost iPhone. Case manufacturers make such moves very often, in order to get cash before any device is released on the market field. They also are exposed to a certain risk with releasing a product that won’t match the measurements to the actual smartphone. We did see so many rumors showing the actual size and design of the low-cost iPhone but we didn’t receive any official statement from Apple confirming this device.


I know that this can’t be a proof but it definitely can’t be ignored. It raises the hopes for all those who are waiting this smartphone to make its debut. We saw some slight exposure for this device in a report released by China Labor Watch. Pegatron also said that budget iPhone has entered the manufacturing process.

My advice is to not make any moves to pre-order this case because we aren’t sure yet if this device actually exists. When it will be finally released on the market, there will be tons of cases for this iPhone 5C from which you can choose.

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