Nokia Lumia 1020 is All About the Camera, After All – a New Ad Admits

Heidi Speare August 1, 2013 0


This ad just confirms something that we already knew. Ever since it came out, the Lumia 1020 by Nokia has been treated as a smartphone with the best camera ever seen. In the new ad released by the company, we could see Nokia admitting that its latest Lumia 1020 is all about the camera. To be more specific, we can say that this device is a camera with phone capabilities. Amateur and couple of professional photographers said that they will buy this camera in order to make photos using a different device with amazing picture quality.

Nokia did its part being honest about this phone which is something different from what we’ve been used to seeing from other companies like Samsung and Apple. We saw smartphones that are used more like computers than just casual phones. We make calls and write texts on them but we use them more like pocket-computers. Nokia has confirmed the very well-known fact that their new phone isn’t meant to be a casual phone. It’s a really great camera with phone features attached on it.


The biggest selling point of this gadget is the camera. This ad reminds us of what Apple did with its “Photos Every Day” ad, in which we saw that no one can live without photographing. According to it, you haven’t been anywhere if you don’t have a photographic proof.

Social networks have become the essential tool for posting photos and people seem addicted to sharing their photos on their profiles. How could be share good photos if we don’t possess a quality camera? I think that this is the main point Nokia wants to stress when it comes to the Lumia 1020.

Bryan Biniak, Nokia Vice President, said that, in order to give yourself a reason to switch you need to make sure that the apps you care about the most on your device are not only standing there on our phones but are better.

You know now that if you decide to buy this phone you will be using it more for taking pictures than for making calls or surfing the web. I’m not sure that this is a great choice for spending all that money for a camera with phone capabilities. However, it can be a great addition for someone who wants an amazing camera that can make phone calls or send texts.

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