Asus Could Join Smartphone Manufacturers in 2014

Sara Cunningham August 1, 2013 7
Asus Could Join Smartphone Manufacturers in 2014

The smartphone market will be tightened for one spot as Asus is expected to join smartphone manufacturers in 2014. This is great news for the smartphone customers, since they will find one more device on the market shelves in near future. This company is proven to be a great manufacturer of the best motherboards which are used for computers and tablets. If this rumor is true, we will see how they will handle the pressure coming from the smartphone market.

Entering a smartphone market in the U.S. isn’t the easiest task, even for a company like Asus. According to Jonney Shih, ASUS Chairman, this company has been making progress into making connections with retailers and carriers. We’ve seen earlier that this is crucial for a company if it wants success on a new territory. There is no specific date or period when we can expect the first device coming from Asus – only that it set to make its entrance sometime in 2014.

We already saw Asus selling mobile phones outside the U.S and it had previous attempts to sell its deigned devices alongside Garmin. This company doesn’t produce smartphones anymore, at least not at this moment. Its product line includes a 5-inch smartphone that can be docked into a 10-inch tablet device and the Fonepad which is a 7-inch tablet that supports making calls.


Aside these two, Asus (also known as Android OEM) is a well known company that helped the producing of the Nexus 7 tablets and its line of dockable tablet devices. So far, ASUS hasn’t made public entrance into the smartphone market and we definitely want to see it making ASUS branded smartphones that will try and take over the U.S market for the first time. Shih has mentioned that something revolutionary will come in order to transform the whole product line.

It will be difficult for the company to compete with Samsung and Apple but they will try to be a tough competitor. We saw other companies like Sony and LG struggling to keep their pace with the leading companies and they are also successful at their own territories. If this company fails to bring something different and better than the others, maybe the next year will be the last we will see Asus in the smartphone market.

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