Starbucks Nixes AT&T as their Wi-Fi Provider and Goes with Google For Faster Speeds

Sara Cunningham August 1, 2013 0
Starbucks Nixes AT&T as their Wi-Fi Provider and Goes with Google For Faster Speeds

The long collaboration between Starbucks and AT&T has ended and this coffee company will now implement Google’s Wi-Fi. Starbucks promised that this will give to their customers a use of 10-times faster Wi-Fi speed. According to the company, Google will provide its service in all Starbucks locations in the U.S. giving better and faster network than AT&T’s current offering. This is a great deal as they finally make a move changing their network.

This faster network is expected to appear in your favorite coffee shop sometime in the next month. This network will be rolled out into 7,000 U.S stores and according to the report, they will start with the busiest locations where people use Wi-Fi the most. It’s expected this implementation to last for 18 months. As you can see, there’s a lot of work ahead of them, but we hope they will manage to implement it real soon.

Adam Brotman, Starbucks CDO, said that this is a really important achievement in their great relationship with Google. He hopes that this step will continue to build up the great partnership with Google. At this time, Starbucks stores have a T1 connection line that goes up to 1.5 megabit speed. Google and Level 3 will provide 10 times faster speeds but be advised that the result can vary based on different stores’ locations.

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Brotman continued that when you start getting a network with faster speed, putting it equally everywhere is very difficult. They want to upgrade everything and somewhere it will be faster and somewhere slower but still you will have respectfully fast Wi-Fi network. He added that they didn’t look for another partner in order to ditch AT&T but the constant collaboration with Google brought a possible way for making a partnership. Providing faster Wi-Fi connection to its customers is a great way to do it.

Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesperson, said that this carrier offered 10 times faster network. He added that Starbucks will continue to be an important partner for them and they will gladly continue providing them with services over its advanced network that includes AT&T’s LTE network.

This move came as a result from more PC and mobile users who required faster connection to do some things like downloading larger files or stream video. Starbucks’ Wi-Fi is very popular and one report showed that millions of users are accessing the internet though Starbucks’ Wi-Fi network per week. The faster network speed will attract more users as carriers move away from their unlimited data plans for each mobile device.

Along with greater Wi-Fi connection, Google will be working on upgrading the Digital Network of Starbucks. This is the page where all users are directed when they access Starbucks’ Wi-Fi. Brotman didn’t reveal any details about these changes and declined to comment on the financial part of this deal. This will meet all customers’ requirements and they will be able to return to their everyday Web surfing whether they want to download something or stream a video.

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