Nintendo Sold 160 Thousand Wii U Units Last Quarter

Heidi Speare August 1, 2013 0
Nintendo Sold 160 Thousand Wii U Units Last Quarter


While the Nintendo Wii gaming console waits to see its biggest competitors launched on the market, this company is selling devices, let’s say, pretty bad. We saw Sony and Microsoft unveiling its newest gaming platforms but they are still waiting their public release which is scheduled for the holiday month. The result for the past quarter shows that Nintendo didn’t do quite well selling its gaming console worldwide. This comes after disappointing first fiscal quarter of this year.

While we were hoping that Nintendo will do better this quarter, we have another disappointment. The results show that for the past quarter which ended in June, Nintendo sold only 160,000 Wii U consoles worldwide. This brings the total number of 3.6 million devices sold since its launch last year. We saw NPD releasing reports about the U.S gaming market every month and we concluded that the Wii U isn’t selling quite well. This console has troubles finding its right pace around the world and its visible how unpopular is this console globally.



In its earnings release, Nintendo said that it has some troubles with the Wii U and the biggest reason for it is missing some key first-party titles that will boost the hardware sales. Nintendo also mentioned that they are not doing so great showing the real value of its platform and this is bringing them a loss.

Besides this, Wii U is facing a strong battle when the consoles from its biggest competitors will show on the market. This console had several improvements over its predecessor and it was released with a more expensive price tag. It will be soon challenged by Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS 4 which will offer better features and amazing visuals. Maybe we will see a price cutoff this platform really soon in order to get things going before these previously mentioned devices are made available on the market.

Even with Wii U struggling on the market, Nintendo had a great overall Q2. It has posted net sales of $830 million (81.5 billion yen). This figure is down from 84.8 billion yen in Q2 of 2012, but this company was able to receive 8.6 billion yen as profit. The same period posted a loss of 17.2 billion yen.

Nintendo sold 1.4 million 3DS devices this period which represents a 12% gain over the last year. The 3DS software sales have rose 10% to 2.15 million. Things went really great on the digital side where Nintendo was able to see a jump of 150% on its downloadable content revenue.

Maybe this company will have a great future. I truly hope they will do anything to keep its satisfied users satisfied and attract the attention of those who will not like and buy the upcoming greater gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Who knows, maybe all negative comments and reviews that we saw about these devices will send more customers on Nintendo’s address.

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