In Up Close and Personal With the HTC One Mini

Wayne Bond August 3, 2013 0

The Taiwanese company, HTC, was saved by its flagship phone from bankruptcy. The HTC One had superior sales when it was first introduced in the market. It received high remarks from critics all over the globe. Its sales did not change drastically even when HTC’s rivals gave birth to their newest flagship units e.g. Apple for the iPhone 5 and Samsung for Galaxy S4. A lot of people were satisfied by the phone’s entirety. With this, the HTC One Mini is born. This is the smaller version of the leading smartphone from this company. It is often compared to its S4 Mini. Let us see how HTC made it.

 Palm-Friendly Size and Built

The rectangular size of the HTC phones makes it a little less favorable. They are still considered bar phones even if they have smooth edges.  Its 4.3 inch screen is inside a 5-inch body. This is way better to hold than its larger predecessor. It is easier to hold and easier to control. It can easily be used even when lying down in a bed or a sofa. Reading e-books before going to sleep is way better with this one. Its metallic body is as pleasing as always. HTC uses a very admirable sound system. They tied up with Beats to make it happen.

 Upgraded Software and Applications

Who would think that this can even happen? HTC One already has the best of both worlds. It has the fastest and the most powerful software to run. However, it seems like the Taiwanese company is not contented with this. They made the HTC One Mini with better specifications. It runs on the same Jelly Bean model but it is a better unit than the Android operating system in HTC One. It has better BlinkFeeds, too. It is snappier with a 1.4 GHz processor. Switching from one tab to the other will definitely have no delays with this Intel Atom-manufactured chipset.

 Uncompromised and Better Features 

The only negative change that happened to the smaller HTC One is its screen resolution. Before, it can easily show a dazzling 1080p movie. The HTC One Mini is only capable of 720 pixels. Still, this is better than any other smartphone of the same size in the market. Its rivals iPhone 5 and Samsung S4 Mini are available at lower screen resolutions. It has a soaring 341 PPI while Samsung and Apple only have 256 and 356 respectively. Using this phone for gaming is just so comfortable. Its camera is also a top-notch. It can now work well even when there is not much source of light.

This smaller version of the HTC One is not expected to be released until the 3rd quarter of the year ends. So far, it does not have a tag price yet but some claim that it will not go beyond the prices set for its rivals. It will definitely be cheaper than the S4 Mini, too. This shrink version of the HTC One can totally oust its competitors if it has the right price.


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