iPad Mini and Nexus 7: Who Will Win the Battle of the 7 Inches?

Wayne Bond August 7, 2013 0
iPad Mini and Nexus 7: Who Will Win the Battle of the 7 Inches?

So many companies released a lot of tablets that fall under the 7-inch group. Blackberry, HTC and Acer did not make it to the limelight. The tablets from these companies were basically a flop because of their poor ratings for hardware, software and prices. Only the iPad Mini from Apple and the Nexus 7 from Acer are worthy of a review. Nexus 7 is months ahead of the iPad Mini. It was released summer of 2012 while the iPad Mini was made available only in November of the same year. In this article, these 2 giants in the 7-inch tablet criteria will work their way in 3 departments that are commonly looked at.

• Winning Beauty on the Outside
The product from Apple conquers this category but only with a slight difference. It beat the Nexus 7 because of its weight, size, camera, and screen. Nexus 7 has a way lower camera resolution at only 1.2 megapixels. iPad Mini has 5. Plus, the former does not have a secondary camera. Some applications will not be available on it. Both have an 8-inch overall size but the screen of the iPad Mini measures at 7.9 inches while Nexus 7 has a flat 7-inch. This gives more space for the owners to do what they are supposed to do. Plus, the screen ratio is better at 4:3 for the iPad Mini. The rubber-like cover at the back of the Nexus 7 could have helped it win this round but the very light and elegant texture of the iPad Mini took the chance away. The only characteristic where it won is its tougher glass screen. Nexus 7 is available with Corning Gorilla Glass. This is so much better than the Oleophobic coating found in the typical glass installed on the iPad Mini.


• Digging Inside the Model’s Crust
The operating systems of both these products are totally different. One is powered by Android while the other is from IOS. Both do not have the latest systems on their default settings but they can be upgraded. The verdict for this category favors with the Nexus 7. It is running on a lightning fast quad core processor while the other is with dual core. iPad Mini’s RAM or random access memory is half of the Nexus’. They are both available in the market with a 16 gigabyte memory. This is currently the maximum for the Nexus model. This is iPad Mini’s time to shine because it also has a 32 and 64 gigabyte denomination.

• Made a Friend with the Wallet
Apple has been known to tag higher prices on their products and the iPad Mini is not an exemption. It is 150 dollars more expensive than the Nexus 7. The iPad Mini is available at 350$ while the Nexus 7 is at 200$. These figures are based on their models with only 8 GB as a memory. The price for the iPad Mini is way too much. It is not worth the risk considering that the only department iPad Mini took over is the hardware. iPad Mini is a total posh.

Overall, Nexus 7 wins. Just remember to be a little creative with its seemingly dull-looking covers.

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