Lenovo Miix: One of the Worthy Hybrid Gadgets Today

Wayne Bond August 4, 2013 1
Lenovo Miix: One of the Worthy Hybrid Gadgets Today

The idea of putting together a tablet and a personal computer in one was not originally from Lenovo. There were other companies that beat them to it but they were surely the first to do it at a very low price. Compared to the other hybrid gadgets in the market, Lenovo made theirs highly-functional without asking for too much in return. Some would cost at around a thousand USD while Lenovo manages the prices of their products it to be at half of this. Its price is not the only thing to consider. This product has a lot more to offer.

Cancelling the Weakness While Focusing on the Strengths
The infusion of a tablet and a laptop is really amazing because Lenovo focused on the advantages rather than the disadvantages. The battery life of a laptop is more favorable than the tablet and this can be seen on the Lenovo Miix. It can be used for10 hours straight at talk time. The additional 3 hours from the average battery life is already a big thing. All these are incorporated in a sleek and chic design of a tablet. The keyboard looks and feels highly portable. It comes with its own velvet-covered blue skin. It can easily be connected via the thin dock. This means that the sloppy and annoying cables are out of the game.


Advanced Processors for a Power-Packed Use
It has the software power of a full-blown laptop, too. Lenovo managed to complete this laptop-tablet mix with the best of both worlds. Intel cooperated and put one of its latest processors, the Dual Core. It can run data for as fast as 3 GHz, too. There are options for a newer unit, the i5. All these are backed-up by an equally tough 300 GB of memory found in an SSD and not the big and the bulky HDD. The more amazing thing is that it has a memory card slot to pump its capacity for up to 32 GB more. Its touch capacity is not at its highest but it is responsive enough for a tablet.

Not so Disadvantageous Downsides
The Lenovo Miix is not perfect. It is not expected to be since it is half of the price of the usual pc-tablet hybrids in the market. However, its downsides are not so disappointing. It does not come with a rear view camera but it has a 2MP secondary. This is not bad because it is the most typical set up for laptops. The keyboard is sold separately for a price that will not go higher than 50$. Still, it does not matter because its overall price will only have a total of 550$. This is still way cheaper than the others. It is also not available at touchpads and digital pens. These do not come in the box but they are available in any gadget store.

Lenovo proves that quality can always come with a great price. Their performance in this new Lenovo Miix is just impressive. They have the bar at another higher level with this creation.

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