Mobile Microsoft Office App Debuted for Android Smartphones

Alex Bezeau August 1, 2013 0
Mobile Microsoft Office App Debuted for Android Smartphones


Finally, Android-based smartphone users will be able to use PowerPoint, Excel and Word on their devices. Microsoft has announced that it’s releasing Office Mobile application for Android smartphones but it will be available only for those who have subscribed to Office 365. Microsoft kept its Office service really secretive and declined to release it for other devices if they aren’t running on Windows Mobile. Now we can finally enjoy the nicest Office in the world on our Android devices as well.

However, this company didn’t want to make everything nice and smooth and placed a slight catch attached to this app. Users will be able to download it for free from the Google Play Store but it will work only for Office 365 subscribers. Maybe it’s not a bad thing but when you want to release an app that is much desired by many people, at least make it downloadable for few dollars. This is Microsoft’s way and like it or not we have to respect it.

Guy Gilbert, senior product manager at Microsoft, said that the release of this app shows that they are still committed for providing additional value to their Office 365 subscribers. It will include access to PowerPoint, Excel and Word. This app is not made for presentation, spreadsheet or document creation, instead it’s made for helping users make few fixes to their work and they will be able to share those files as well.


Office 365 costs $100 per year and offers to its subscriber’s ability to install it on multiply devices like smartphones, Macs and PCs. Microsoft didn’t say anything about releasing an iPad or Android based tablet version. I expect to hit our tablets pretty soon as its spreading came really quick. They have to do something with this subscription thing in the future but for now we have to pay our fees in order to get it going on our smartphones.

Microsoft tried to lure customers with making it closed only for its Windows-based devices. As it seems, this didn’t go really great and they started releasing a version for the devices that dominates the market. This comes after Microsoft has released this Office 365 version to iOS. This iOS Office debuted in June and the process is the same as on Android with people having to pay a subscription fee in order to get the Office 365.

U.S citizens can enjoy this Office 365 service right away and Microsoft said they will release this version in other countries in the upcoming few weeks. This app will work only on Android based devices that support 4.0 OS version or greater.

We finally can fix our work while we are walking or travelling to our workplace. Lots of time will be saved with the installation of this app. You can share your thoughts about this report in the comments section below.

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