Apple Bought Passif Semiconductor – a small Chip Manufacturer from California

Wayne Bond August 3, 2013 0
Apple Bought Passif Semiconductor – a small Chip Manufacturer from California

These things started happening on regular basis as bigger companies are buying smaller in order to improve one or two of their weakest fields. We know that Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, was producing the processor chips which were used into its devices and recently, the Cupertino based company has declared that they want to change that. This came after Apple won the first court battle versus Samsung. The first time it was reported that Apple will start collaboration with other companies but we didn’t see an official statement from this company.

While we are waiting to see who will be the main supplier of the processor chips which will be included into the Apple’s new iPhone and iPads, this company has bought a new company that makes communications low-powered chips. According to Jessica Lessin, this smartphone, tablet and Mac manufacturer bought Passif Semiconductor. This company has been located in Oakland, California and its specialty is producing wireless hardware and networking software. Lessin said that the picking up of this company lasted for months but it’s still unclear for how much Apple acquired it.


Apple still didn’t release an official statement for the purchase but it did say that they usually buy smaller companies.

This chipmaker is the last in line of recent purchases by this tech giant. Back in 2010, Apple acquired Intrinsity and in 2008 it bought P.A. Semi. These purchases have been really important for the company as Apple increased its interest into creating its own processor which will be used in their manufactured devices. We said that this company specializes into wireless and communication technologies and this purchase could be indicating that Apple is expanding into these technologies. Until now, Apple has relied on Broadcom and Qualcomm for these things.

Tim Cook has said that it’s in Apple’s nature to buy a smaller company every month or maybe two. We reported that this company recently bought Locationary and HopStop in order to improve its mapping service. In a conference held in May, we heard Cook saying that they are always looking for a company that can help make things better and they will continue to do so in future.

It’s interesting that Apple was purchasing companies right before releasing something. If the history repeats again we will see something new from Apple really soon.

Will Apple finally find a way to produce its own processor chips? – Share your answers into the comments section bellow.


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