Less Expensive Moto X on the Horizon, Says Motorola CEO

Wayne Bond August 3, 2013 0
Less Expensive Moto X on the Horizon, Says Motorola CEO

Motorola has released its long awaited Moto X device in partnership with Google, which owns the company. We saw that this device is high-priced but according to Motorola CEO, we will see less expensive Moto X smartphone very soon. It will be released for the U.S prepaid and developing markets in few months from now. This was released right after the big Moto X launch event held in New York.

Those who expected the Moto X to have a respectful price over a contract they need to wait for its cheaper version. This smartphone device has a $199 price tag with a 2-year contract attached. Dennis Woodside, Motorola CEO, didn’t leave any possible questions about the price of this device and said that Moto X is not the only device under this brand which will come out this year.

Motorola has revealed its Moto X on Thursday. According to the company, the 16 GB version will be available for the markets with a 2-year contract from every major carrier in the U.S. for $199. Motorola didn’t say anything about how much will this device cost at full price on one of the four major carriers.


Next in the line will be this cheaper device that will be designed and priced to be affordable for those people who don’t buy high-end expensive devices. The low-priced Moto X will be meant for the pre-paid market, as well, where customers are paying thefull price of these devices. Woodside said that people in developing markets are not used to buying super phones that are subsidized by their wireless operators. Consumers there are really sensitive about the price and low-cost device is a must. He also mentioned that the pre-paid market in the U.S is noting afast growth and this device will help them take a huge bite in this field. At the end, Woodside said that Motorola will offer anice technology for affordable price in order consumers don’t have to spend all that money on a high-end device.

Samsung already released its Galaxy S4 Mini device which is meant for the low-cost and prepaid market. Other companies such as Apple and HTC are also rumored to release a Mini version of their high-end device. It’s unclear whether Apple or HTC will make this move but we truly believe that they will start competing on the low-cost market, as well.

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