Low Cost Gadgets can Give You the Experience You Were Looking for

Sara Cunningham August 4, 2013 0
Low Cost Gadgets can Give You the Experience You Were Looking for

When we want to buy a gadget from a store we always look for something cheap but great. Believe it or not, these kinds of devices do exist and they can offer some really useful experience. We are about to show you couple of them which are priced below $50 and can do so much for you. After this, you can feel free to go to the nearest shop and look for them.

Lepai LP-2020A+:

This stereo amplifier is the cheapest gadget that you can find out there. It offers two inputs, bass, usual treble controls and 20 watts a channel. The bad thing here is that there is no remote control. However, if you are realistic and you know what you want from your streaming stereo amplifier, just add speakers to it and you will hear a sound that is quite good. There is no doubt that it has limited features and capabilities but what else can you expect from a $25 amp?

iPod Shuffle:

This could be the best gadget for you if you find yourself on the road all the time. If you don’t want to buy the device that is equipped with features like the iPod Nano, this gadget is the best deal for $46. It includes support for audiobooks, playlists, VoiceOver feature that announces the information about all tracks, menu navigation and battery status. It includes a built-in chip that powers the device. The bad thing has only 2GB built-in storage capacity that doesn’t promise much and there is no remote for your headphones. Still, iPod Shuffle is the most affordable way to take all of your favorite songs on the road.

ipod shuffle

Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 Earbud Headphones:

Great headphones for only 2.99 bucks? – This is not a joke – they really exist. These headphones are extremely cheap and they offer decent sound for this price. They will fit in your ears without any problem offering you a comfortable feel. They don’t look very durable and you can’t answer phone calls with them because they don’t have a mic. However, it’s difficult to find decent headphones like these for under $20. The choice is yours.


Google Chromecast:

Recently, we made a full review of this gadget right after Google announced it. This streaming stick that can offer you YouTube and Netflix to all users has an affordable price and costs $35. It can fit right into your living room attached to your TV. It’s a Wireless video stick that lets you stream videos, pictures etc. through your iOS or Android devices which are used as remotes. Android users got access to Google TV and Google Music and Movies also. It lacks support for major apps like Spotify, Rdio, HBO Go and many others but we believe that in near future Google will release a version with support for these streaming apps.


There are many others but we have picked these that can offer you a nice experience that can’t be paid with small amount of money. Just for a few bucks, you will get everything you were looking for.

Give us a few extra cheap gadgets that can offer great experience like these, we will gladly update our list.

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