Temple Run 2 Gets Fastest Man Usain Bolt

Jasmina Lozevska August 5, 2013 0
Temple Run 2 Gets Fastest Man Usain Bolt

The fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, who crushed couple of world records in running, can be now purchased as a character in the hit game Temple Run 2. It was included as a playable character but only for a limited time. It doesn’t matter that it’s made available for a limited period of time because running in the shoes of Usain Bolt only for a second should be a great pleasure. He is an amazing performer on 100m and 200m but now you will be able to run with him on this endless run.

When you think about it, it makes sense that a champion caliber runner is included in this title. Who can be better than an Olympic gold medalist and record breaking sprinter from Jamaica? Imangi Studios, Temple Run games developers, has announced that the deal with the athlete is completed and he is added as the first branded character.

Usain Bolt can be found in the upgrades menu of the game and it joins the game as a $0.99 purchase. He wears his signature green and yellow uniform that he wore on the Olympics. He is equipped with a brand new power-up called “Bolt”. When activated, Usain dashes at enormous speed immune from all the traps in the game along with the coin magnet.


Usain Bold said that he is a big fan of this game. He added that his work requires a lot of travelling and while he is on the road, he has an opportunity to play the game. According to him, the most exciting thing is to see himself in a game to which he is already addicted. In order to get it going with Usain Bolt, you will need to update the game first. Temple Run 2 was and is still is available for free and it’s supported by both Android and iOS.

We’ve seen lots of updated games and new features but we’ve never seen a star of this caliber included into a running game. To be honest, Temple Run 2 is a great fit for Bolt because the game’s main goal is to run and he is the best at it. I’ve already updated my version and Bolt runs with the speed of light. There are no details for how many days or weeks we will be able to play with Usain but for the time he is here, he will give you a different experience playing the same adventure game.


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