No Sales Ban for Some of Apple’s Older iPhone and iPad Models, Orders President Obama

Alex Bezeau August 5, 2013 0
No Sales Ban for Some of Apple’s Older iPhone and iPad Models, Orders President Obama


Apple can breathe easily now because the U.S President Obama ditched the ITC ban for selling few of Apple’s products. Previously, we saw a claim that Apple has broke some patents selling few of their devices through AT&T. This claim came from Samsung and the Trade Commission. We were waiting for President Obama’s administration to bring the final conclusion for this trial. While everyone was waiting them to set veto on these devices and forbid Apple from selling them in the U.S, we witnessed something else.

Obama’s administration has nixed the U.S Trade Commission order to ban Apple from selling older iPads and iPhones because it violated some of Samsung’s patents.  According to the Wall Street Journal, this word ‘veto’ is very rarely mentioned and the last time a President set veto over a product was invoked way back in 1987. This journal didn’t give additional information about this product.

Two months ago, June 4 to be precise, the previously mentioned commission has set a ban over Apple for selling the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G in the U.S. These devices were distributed by AT&T and the move banned these products which were designed to work only under this carrier. Michael Froman, U.S Trade rep, has informed the U.S Trade Commission based in Washington in a letter that he is acting on Obama’s authority in vetoing this ban. He wrote that this doesn’t mean that Samsung, as a patent owner in the case, is not designated to a remedy. He added that this patent owner can continue to fight for its rights in courts.



The letter to Irving Williamson, Chairman of the commission, said that this veto was more based on technical policy, on the effect on U.S. users and their effect on competitive terms in the U.S market.

We are aware that Apple is based in the U.S but all its products are manufactured in China. Kristin Huguet, Apple’s spokeswoman, said that they have applauded the Administration for standing up on their side, innovation side, in this trademark case. She added that Samsung wrongly abused the whole patent system in this way. On the other hand, we see disappointment in the Samsung’s spokesman words. Adam Yates said that Samsung is really disappointed with the decision to set aside the order which was issued by the U.S Trade Commission.

This case is far from over, if Samsung decides to go into court with it. However, this is not the first time we are seeing Apple coming out as a winner from a trial. Previously, Apple won a billion dollar case over Samsung for patent suits. We will see if Samsung continues to search for its rights in future.

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