Looking Into the Xbox One: A Two Thumbs Up for Microsoft

Wayne Bond August 9, 2013 4
Looking Into the Xbox One: A Two Thumbs Up for Microsoft

The newest gaming console, Xbox One, from Microsoft will be released before the year ends. November was the promised date from the company. Speculators say that it will be somewhere in the second week of the month. One of its biggest competitors, Sony, will release their flagship console earlier of the same month, too. It is expected at a price of 420$. It is 120 bucks different from the PS4 from Sony. Why did it reach this too pricey tag? What were the major developments that will be seen on it? Here are some of the big features revealed for Microsoft’s flagship model.

 Superb Position and Function of Ports

The front part of the console has no holes or ports except for the DVD-ROM. It stays so simple with this look. The reason for this is that all the ports are situated at the back. The most exciting about the Xbox One is its capability to host HDMI In and Out models. It can function as a full-fledged cable box for a television while being used. This is one revolutionary move coming from the company. The only problem that will come into play is overheating. This was also the dilemma that plagues down the sales of Xbox One’s predecessor – the Xbox 360. If the company can provide bigger and better cooling system, this one will surely be a hit.

XBox One Ports

 Hands Free and Air-Controlled System

This model comes out with its most sought-after accessory, the Kinect. This lets its owners enjoy a game without using the handheld. It functions more like the previous gaming console named Wii but no device is used to set it up or control the scenes. Everything is done with thin air. Dancing to the groove, moving to score, and fighting to win are definitely best done by this function. This feature brings players closer to the life of the characters on the screen.  Surprisingly, the Kinect is already included in the 420$ tag price of the Xbox One. Now, the price is a bit more reasonable.

 Revolutionary and Impulsive Handheld

Trigger buttons are no longer new to the world of gaming console. All the latest models have this type of feature but Xbox One nailed it the best. Inside its handheld, there are several shaking sensors. All these are honed to the handle. This definitely intensifies the game being played. The rumbling effects from a game are better felt with this one because Microsoft made the equipment thicker and better. The texture of each and every button is also better with this unit. The company puts several curves on it to make the fingers more familiar with it. The game pad can be considered as the most improved part of the handheld.

Graphics-wise, Microsoft did it again. The Dead Rising, a game produced by the same company, looks more detailed than any other game found in the market. The same is true with its other games such as the Forza E3 Trailer. Colors are more vivid and sharp. However, it still has to go a long way to keep up with the latest graphics from other gadgets.


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    Very poorly and misinformed article on the Xbox One.

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