The Surface Pro Discounted – $100 Off its Regular Price

Alex Bezeau August 6, 2013 0
The Surface Pro Discounted – $100 Off its Regular Price


Microsoft isn’t doing anything but cutting the prices of its flagship devices. We saw the Surface RT’s price cut few times and offered with additional cover for free. According to the company, that helped to reduce the Surface RT stock and now they are doing the same thing with the Surface Pro. According to this, we can conclude that Microsoft by any means is trying to get rid of these devices. This could indicate that this company is preparing a new device line to upgrade the exciting ones, but let’s not speculate yet.

Microsoft said that they are discounting their Surface Pro tablet this weekend. A 10% cut reduces the price tag of the 128GB and 64GB model by $100. This discount will take place in the U.S while not all regions had price cuts when this report showed. Later on, this company confirmed that the period between August 4 and August 29 all the customers living in the U.S, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Canada will pay $100 less if they want to buy the surface Pro. Microsoft added that they have seen great success with reducing the price of their Surface RT tablet and with the cover-keyboard promotions for the past few months. They are really proud to do the same thing with their Surface Pro offering it for affordable price starting from August 4.

You have almost a full month to think this through in order to bring a decision whether you will take advantage of this promotion or not. If you ask me, a Surface Pro running on Windows OS for a $100 less is a good deal.

Surface Pro

Let’s see what is going on in the rumor mill.

I’ve previously mentioned that this could indicate new products in near future. Microsoft has mentioned something about refreshing its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablet models. It’s expected this company to update its Surface Pro with the newest edition of Intel’s Haswell processor. Other source claims that Microsoft already tests Surface based devices with Snapdragon 800 processor produced by Qualcomm. They are also into talks for making several new accessories that will fit right into the Surface experience. Microsoft is expected to offer the battery keyboard cover that was teased previously. New wider color range for their exciting accessories is also expected pretty soon.

Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro were followed by lots of negative reviews and comments. However, both of them can do great job and the only thing you need to do is clarify your demands from a tablet device.

Will you use this promotion to buy the Surface Pro tablet? – Share your thoughts with us in the comments section bellow.

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