Google Releasing App to Find Phone that Mimics Apple’s Find Your iPhone App

Jasmina Lozevska August 6, 2013 0
Google Releasing App to Find Phone that Mimics Apple’s Find Your iPhone App

When the app “Find My iPhone” was released in the App Store it became a big hit right away. Lots of iPhones were found and people didn’t seem to care that much as before when they lose their smartphone whether in a local buffet, coffee shop or at work. Android users were sending lots of questions towards Google when they will see support for this app on their devices. Google answered these questions releasing their “Find My Phone” application.

This application waited for so long to be released on Android and users will finally be able to use it on their devices. It supports Android 2.2 and other newer versions. This device will be released by the end of this month and users will be able to ring and find stolen or lost device on Google’s map in real time. They will be enabled to delete all of its content remotely as the application supports this feature.

This comes as Google’s best solution to a problem that became really frequent at this time. Smartphone manufacturers were feeling a pressure from the authorities for releasing an app that will help them solve the theft crime. Some sources claimed that there was a meeting between smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple and lawmakers in order to discuss possible problem solutions. This included potential “kill switch” which will shut down the stolen device permanently and make it worthless for using or reselling.

google find my iphone app

These days, we are witnesses of a violent smartphone theft. It got a very unique nickname called “Apple picking”. There are numerous examples of stolen smartphones proceeded with physical attacks, as well. One of these situations was death of a 26-year old employee in the Museum of Modern Art in Bronx. Another situation of this kind is the mugging of a woman for her Android device in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The smartphone manufacturers can’t deal with such things and the least they can do is release an application of this kind. Apple already did this and now Google will have the same application released in its Google Play Store.

This is something that the authorities must work it out in order to prevent these situations from happening. They don’t have super powers to do so but we can expect the mutual collaboration between smartphone manufacturers and the authorities can reduce the percentage. We’ll see how the things will work out.

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