Hulu Plus Offering 2 Months Free Trial for New Customers

Heidi Speare August 6, 2013 0
Hulu Plus Offering 2 Months Free Trial for New Customers


Hulu is a streaming service that often gets outshined by the bigger services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now this service offers its Hulu Plus which will enable you to get a two months free trial period if you sign up for it. This is not all. You will be able to watch some original content on your computer, Roku box, mobile device and even more. This is a great deal if you got tired of just sitting on your computer and watching your favorite TV show.

It comes with the new original Hulu series “The Awesomes” which is pretty good. If you have watched it and you want to continue to do so, just sign up to Hulu Plus and you will get 2 months of trial period for it. With the releasing of this new closely related service, Hulu transformed itself into a streaming service that really needs a spot among the top companies of this kind.

The subscription for this service costs only $7.99 a month plus a free trial period for Hulu Plus. This is only for new customers and the past and current subscribers won’t be able to use it. This is kind of disappointing for the loyal subscribers. However, this could help the company grab more attention to its service and gain more subscribers.



Hulu Plus isn’t made perfect yet but this deal is a great way to watch some TV shows that you have missed. You can even play some classic series and Hulu supports tons of them. The thing that could bother many users is the commercials. When I start watching a certain TV Show and when the commercials interrupt me, after a while I could even forget what I was watching. When you consider that Netflix and Amazon Prime have the same price tag per month and supports commercial-free run, you will get the point that every service is the same deal.

With two months of free service you have more than one opportunity to at least try Hulu Plus and see how it performs. When you sign up for it, try to remember to cancel it after two months because when this free service ends and you don’t cancel you will be billed up.

Have you signed up yet? – If you do, share your experience with this service in the comments section bellow.

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