Nokia’s Ad for Nokia Lumia 925 Points Out the Quality of the Camera

Jasmina Lozevska August 7, 2013 0
Nokia’s Ad for Nokia Lumia 925 Points Out the Quality of the Camera

Mocking competitive products in their own ads has become a common thing in the tech world. Nokia has a great history equipping their smartphones with great camera features that attracted the attention of every photo lover around the world. We saw them going big with its Lumia 1020 making it with a 41-mpix camera that has the ability to shoot pictures as high as 7152 x 5368 pixel resolution. Did they really have to mention iPhone’s camera capabilities in their newest ad about Nokia Lumia 925? Yes, we all know the Lumia 925 has an exceptional camera quality, but making others look bad doesn’t make you look any better. But that’s just my opinion, I guess.

This company showed couple of times that it’s all about the camera when it comes to the new Lumia 925 and we saw numerous opinions from photographers saying that if you want amazing photos than the Nokia Lumia 925 is the real deal.

Apple previously announced that people are taking more pictures with its brand smartphone than any other phone camera out there. Nokia couldn’t stay indifferent to this statement and claimed that they care about quality and not quantity, which is far more important. I assume many Apple and fans of the iPhone are mad at Nokia for saying such thing, but the ad is out there and it’s criticizing iPhone’s camera – want it or not.

nokia lumia 925

What’s more, the whole ad is somewhat based on the iPhone, so my opinion is that Nokia didn’t do a great job, after all. At least that’s not what I call a good marketing and that includes Samsung’s ads, as well.

In the Nokia Lumia 925 ad, we see many people taking pictures with their Lumias while the pictures are getting compared with other pictures taken with an iPhone. I have to say, the ones made by the iPhone look so bad when put next to a Nokia Lumia 925 picture. Still, I don’t think it was a good idea to mock Apple – they should have just pointed out Lumia 925’s best feature and that would have been so much nicer.

Nevertheless, Nokia did a great job releasing a new, exceptional device to upgrade its Lumia line while Apple is still on the verge of releasing its new iPhone (or iPhones). The iPhone 5 is almost a year old and it’s about time we see a new one, which will hopefully, include an improved camera.

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