3 Key Features to Expect on the Samsung Ativ 3

Wayne Bond August 11, 2013 0
3 Key Features to Expect on the Samsung Ativ 3

Samsung together with Microsoft teamed up for another promising tablet – the Samsung Ativ 3. It will be out in the market on August 2013 but this date is not yet confirmed by any of its developers. Its features were already revealed but no one has a copy of the product yet. Bottom line, nobody has an idea on how it really looks like. However, the recently released pictures from the manufacturer gave everyone something really good to hope for. A complete run-down of most of the features of the product was also listed on the manufacturer’s website. Here are some of the great things to see on this new Samsung Ativ 3.

  • Lightweight but Not      Fragile

Samsung has manufactured a lot of gadgets already. All of them almost look the same from their color, to their weight, to their thickness and many other departments but the company managed to shy away from their routine this time. The Samsung Ativ 3 is a guaranteed portable tablet. It is fashionably-finished with a fine plastic cover.  It can be stored anywhere without worrying about its condition, too. It is so far the thinnest tablet on the market. It only weighs in at about half a kilo. This gem is equipped with the latest operating system from Microsoft. It also has a better battery life at 10h talk time and a brilliant screen resolution at 1366 x 768.


  • Highly Commendable      Accessories

This 10-inch tablet is already equivalent to the size of the smallest netbooks. The good thing is that the manufacturer provided its fair share of accessories. It comes with its own keyboard and digitizer pen. The keyboard is attached via its own dock. There is no need to spend another port just to use it. It also acts as one of the best protectors for the unit because it has its own flip cover. The S Pen or the personalized digitizer pen from Samsung made essential contributions to the Ativ 3. It functions so well especially now that this tablet is installed with Windows 8.

  • Ultimate Information      Sharing Experience

Aside from the ultra-fast software runs provided by Microsoft, the Samsung Ativ 3 is also capable of a smooth file sharing. It can run with any other Samsung products. The ports at the side of the unit act as the connectors. All the files, even the screen and features of the gadget shared, can be manipulated through the Samsung Ativ 3. This can be best used when watching a movie, editing a document, transferring files or whatnot. Owners can also function the other way around. Bringing the files from the tablet to a smartphone can be done through wireless yet fast operations.

Clearly, the Samsung Ativ 3 can function as a tablet and a laptop. It has the power and the stability to support huge files processed in a computer. It also has the advantages of a sleek and comfortable tablet. The only thing that will matter now is its price. Rumors say that it will be introduced at a price not lower than 500 USD.


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